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I am away on a meditation retreat for personal growth. Look after each other while I’m gone.

My Mother shared with my growing youth years ago, ” Pray for everyone, the good and the bad. Keep it in your thoughts for the world to become a better place. Love everyone equally.”

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What is Designer Black Magic?

What is Designer Black Magic?

A sinister form of witchcraft is called designer black magic. This type of spell targets a specific area in your life and blocks it.

The designer witchcraft spell can be placed upon career, love life, family, and something known as good fortune, or luck as some call it. Yes, dark magic can steal your luck away.
If you want to know more read on.

But how does one stop black magic for men who are innocent of any wrong doing? Well, it is all about energy and how it works and flows in the life forces of a human being.

It’s a dark energy, directed by another person at you, and can bring in lots of trouble. But something can be done about it so don’t worry too much just now.

We all experience ups and downs in life. Negative vibrations and bad events can bring you down. But positive ones lift you up. When life is flowing great in a positive way I call this the upward shift.

You experience good things naturally because life is flowing in good and even in bountiful ways.

Designer witchcraft magic takes control of good energy flows and turns it around so you no longer have any good luck whatsoever. It also knows how to drain your vitality and influence how you feel about yourself.

Two of life’s extremes. These dark energies can cause a spiral downwards. Fun and trouble are diametrically opposed. As you read on you will find out how these can be turned around.

The name of the game in black magic stakes, is to neutralise the spell, so that your life can return to normal (what ever that is for you), a goal you should strive for as quickly as possible. The dark energies contained in a magic spell can make a living hell out of your life. But spells can be melted.

Australian witchcraft removal expert Jim Cassa knows how to banish and neutralize spell magic. Women’s evil eye curse, and designer occult spells that limit and block your luck are Jim’s specialty.

In black magic history the common effects of spells can be felt in the following:

It is possible to have someone steal you luck by designer magic. This is very malicious. All of a sudden life is going great and then it all goes downhill. There is no logical reason for it to go bad, so you are scratching your head wondering what went wrong.

Your luck is a commodity meant for you alone, not for someone else to profit from at your expense. Personal luck can be guarded and maintained by living a life that is good and useful, and by building protection around you with good actions.

It is possible that black magic can block relationships from manifesting. There is something I see by clairvoyance in my energy clearings called ” psychic spikes ” that make you unattractive to others.

Of course when I am hired for this service I remove all of the psychic spikes that influence others in a negative way. A witchcraft designer spell for men that makes men fall for the other woman is a cause of breakups.

The family home is a favorite for witchcraft magicians to target. Where you spend all of your time, much of your energy, and the rest of your family members live is nasty to target with a curse yet it happens all the time.

Sadly, these darker energy curses are very common today. Seems to be everywhere.

So, how to fix black magic voodoo energy: to start with, protection is a must. Black magic is an intense concentration of negative energy directed at the victim from the witch/warlock/spell caster. This can then create much trouble in ones life. A psychic undeterred by this energy is the key.

A top gun curse hex removal specialist can fix the situation. Authentic curse voodoo removal is simply a phone call away.

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Jim Cassa removes black magic, hex, and curse energy. He also does spirit removal and energy clearings.

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