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Open Heart: 4 Ways To Open the Heart



There are ways to open the heart.

The heart center is often called the heart chakra. A chakra is a wheel, a vortex of energy.

It is an energy center that radiates love and peace.

The heart has a wonderful vibration that can bloom into a beautiful symphony of harmony and emotion.



Open Heart: 4 Ways To Open the Heart





Yet you have what is called an open heart, and a closed heart. Open hearts encourage the flow of positive energy.


This information on the heart chakra is something you can use right now. It works.


If you want to open the heart more set your intention to do your best to nurture the heart.


What I like about the heart chakra energy is the wonderful energy it produces. By growing and developing the inner spirit we naturally enhance our potential to develop energy.



Here we go.


1. Our first task is to have a room to practice in.


Let us call it a spiritual sanctuary. It might not seem like much yet all it needs to be is clean and quiet. Your home gives you plenty of access.


You can enter it whenever you feel like.


A home sanctuary is for meditation, contemplation, and prayer. It is a huge benefit to open gateways of your strength.


A home, whether it be a unit, house, or flat is often underestimated. You can do a lot at home.


I know people who earn a living from their home without ever leaving the house. I have friends who do great meditation from their home.


Yes, the family home can be used for great things if you apply the correct attitude and energy to it.



2. Make use of a spiritual mantra. Discover different mantra sounds for meditation.


Mantra is a form of sound meditation that allows you to go deeper into yourself to discover both your good and bad parts and work at overall self improvement.


Mantras help achieve a deeper mind state with the benefit of focusing on the heart center. You become more in touch with your inner feelings and more light shines upon the inner spirit.


By taking a break from the everyday outside world, and by focusing on the inner, your internal energy system receives the spiritual healing to rebalance and recharge.


Wise saints of the past say chanting is a way to be, do, and have more.




3. Surround yourself with positive associates who build you up and not beat you up.


Positive friends are one of life’s greatest blessings. If we put some effort into obtaining good friends our self growth becomes easier.


A winning energy comes from inner character. It is internal strength. It has values like self care and respect for others.


To live this way is harder than ever but this is our challenge while living in a materialistic society.


Everyone is too busy for personal development, yet it is one of the best personal things you can do for yourself.


To inwardly develop takes time and energy. Opening the heart is the doorway to a bigger and better life.


Friends on the same path as you are a real blessing. You can take care and nurture each other. It is a joy to be the best you can be, and help others be their best.


4. Practice spiritual prayer. Prayer benefits the one sending it, and the one receiving it, if it is with the right intention.


Intend your prayers to have beneficial effects, send the prayer forth, and watch it blossom into fruits like an abundant vineyard.


Prayer brings to the sender joy and peace.


There are additional methods you can use to open the heart chakra. There are yoga postures, color meditations, plus energy meditations you can use. An open heart leads to a joy.


You will find the four tips here give you plenty to work with.


We are entering a new age, the Age of the Heart. Very soon those who have an open heart will flourish.


Thank you for visiting, and good luck on your heart opening journey.




Energy Clear Blessings
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Email Questions Voodoo, Black magic, Spells , Witchcraft Melbourne Australia

Email Questions Voodoo, Black magic, Spells , Witchcraft Melbourne Australia





If you live in Melbourne Australia you can email your questions on voodoo, witchcraft and spells to James at


In this day of internet communication emails are a great way to get information fast and be efficient.


In life there is always something negative that pulls you down. To evolve grow your positive energy until you have sufficient joy to do what you want to do.


This Melbourne black magic removal service makes a focus on the removal of negative energy in home, business, and individual.


So email your questions today:


Sometimes spellcasters and curse energy wont leave you alone. Its time to take action and melt the unwanted energy.


All negative spiritual energy creates stress.


There is something called Bali magic, and Thai spellcasters can influence over distance. I have good experience with black magicians and can make my services available to you.


If you worry about spells, voodoo casting, or black magic in Melbourne then you are in the right place at the right time.


There are spiritual reasons why things happen. Often it is difficult to see why things work out that way. A surprise often comes and makes life difficult.


Challenges come in various ways, yet the human spirit has a way to overcome challenges. People from all over the world have experienced the same thing.


Do what you can to encourage positive energy because from this good things grow.


You do have a right to live a clean and happy abundant life that is free from spiritual attacks and full of positive energy.


You can ask a lot of questions in email. You can also use the phone number on the site.



What I do is offer energy clearings for black magic, spells, and witchcraft curse. You can access this service in Melbourne and Australia wide.


A dark magic attack can get you down and I have experience in such things.


Emails are great. I like them a lot. Explain the challenges you face then I can do a scan and discover what is going on in the supernatural and paranormal realms.


Problems create opportunities if handled in the right way.



A life is a treasure worth keeping and protecting. So here is a list to help you decide if this is for you:

How to Block Negative Energy,
Personal Development,
Psychic Attack Defense,
Remove Black Magic Over Distance,
Nullify Voodoo, Hex, Spells, Curse,
Jinn Magic, Spirit Attachment,
Ghosts, Demonic Possession,
Assist with nullification of negative energy,
Casting out demons,
Spell casting,
Breaking curses,
Generational curse,
Witchcraft coven,
Spirit guides,
White magic,
Haunted house.



Energy Clear Blessings

Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Australia 0497 705 972
International +61 497 705 972

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7 Ways to Increase Positive Energy

7 Ways to Increase Positive Energy 




There is a way to increase positive energy in a business, career, and relationship.


Positive energy is what gives you more, negative energy takes things away.


You can do what you want to do, when you want to do it if you have enough positive energy.


Find out all you can about how to increase good energy in your life and you will find yourself happier than ever.


7 Ways to Increase Positive Energy


So here is my Increase Energy formula:



1) Work out where you are. Be honest, and figure out how strong is your foundation.

No matter what your situation, good or bad, it helps to know your current situation in career and relationship. This is called knowing your LIFE LOCATION.

Its a reality check. Pinpoint your real beginnings and then decide if you want to move forward.

It’s fine to be humble and not worry about what others think or say about you.



2) Dream big. I feel it is great to have ideas and grand plans about how bright the future can become.

People who can vision the future are rare, yet they are the leaders.


You can do the same. Get clear about your visions and goals and put some good energy out. It is a great feeling when you see dreams flourish into life.


3) Do more. There is an old saying about winning the game of life, and that is you have to be in it to win it.


If you don’t take action and give it a go how do you expect to get something back? It can happen with more attempts, which will enhance probability towards a successful outcome.


Activity with a purpose is one way to stay happy. People who love their jobs are often cheerful. Have you ever noticed that?


So begin to steer your life towards the direction of things you like doing. Then do more of it, over and over and watch the successes build.


4) Value your own energy. If you value your own energy so will the universe.

I love this principle because it gives you a massive way to leverage your talents, skills, and desires to build and grow.

I have a lot more to say on this point, but I will leave it for now. I will have to do a fresh blog article on it!


5) Give more. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin.

I have met people who are good at giving, and I have met ones good at being able to receive. To find someone balanced in both giving and receiving is rare.


6) Increase your intuition. The more intuition you have, the less mistakes you make.


Fewer mistakes means better decisions and this means less of your life energy wasted in needless tasks. It also means more energy for what you really want to do with your life.


Intuition is about the ability to read energy in the faces of people, places, events, and things. Its a skill that can be learned. Or rather unfolded, since all people have it hardwired within.



7) Print this blog post out and read it again and again.

The more you go over something the more it sinks in.


Wise old proverb, the more you expose yourself to positive energy, the more positive you become.

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Man of Light

Man of Light





I met a man full of light. He stepped in front of me and his energy was strong.


He radiated rays of energetic presence.


A man of light gets assistance from Angels.


A man of light gains lots of positive energy for himself and his family. He has plenty of good energy to spare for strangers.


He can enter the celestial dimensions and receive wisdom and spirit guidance. The nuggets of wisdom he gets come from a pure place.


A man of light is gentle. He respects everyone, this includes you and your journey.


A balanced man builds himself and the community. There is no need to pull others down in order to feel better.


His creativity creates and he becomes a shepard. A career is a vehicle for such a man. There is no competition, only opportunities.


He has the ability to project energy and make others feel uplifted and renewed.


I feel very lucky because I spent one day with this man. It changed my life for the better. It is a day I will never forget.



Here is one personal experience I would like to share with you.


That night after meeting the man of light I went to sleep and closed my eyes. Normally its dark when eyes close, yet this time it looked like I left the light on in the room. Everything seemed to be covered in a brilliant white light.


It was like the room was full of a wonderful brightness with all darkness swept away.


I rubbed my eyes, blinked, got up and checked the light switch, and tried to go back to sleep. Once again my eyes viewed only a brilliant white light. This was with my eyes closed. I found it most strange.


It was half an hour or so before I got used to the brilliant light that seemed to have a presence under my eyelids. It was a wonderful experience, though strange at the time.


If you ever meet a man of light consider yourself blessed.


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What is Black Magic Voodoo Curse?

What is Black Magic Voodoo Curse?





This is about what is black magic voodoo curse?


A curse is energy that wraps around you and restricts you. Spell energy targets you and your life and blocks it.


Blockages stop flow. Good energy encourages things to flow.


A happy life is made from good things and this includes great relationships, a happy career, and a future that looks bright.


The magic of a voodoo spell can limit the good energy that flows in life. Yes, dark magic can steal positive energy. If you want to know more read on.


If black magic is the culprit of a negative life then it raises some important questions.


How does one stop black magic? How do you release negative energy of voodoo, curse, and witchcraft spells?


Innocent people are often fed on by the sharks in the world.


Yet energy flows in different ways.


It is all about how positivity works in the life of a human being.


Black magic is a dark energy, directed by another person at you, and can bring in lots of trouble. But something can be done about it so don’t worry too much just now.


Life is full of ups and downs. Negative vibrations bring you down. The idea is to find something, or someone, that lifts you.


Life flows when you have good energy around you. A happy life is the goal. This is what most people want.


Anything that takes away your happiness you have a right to look into and remove.


Good life experiences come from good energy.


The universe is bountiful.


Voodoo curse magic takes control of good energy flows and turns it around so you no longer have any good energy whatsoever. It drains vitality.



It is two of life’s extremes. Dark energies can cause a spiral downwards. Fun and trouble are diametrically opposed. As you read more of you will find out how to turn negative into positive energy. Once you understand this you will be truly blessed.


The name of the game in black magic stakes is to neutralise the spell, so that your life can return to normal (what ever that is for you), a goal you should strive for as quickly as possible.


It helps to know how to melt spells. Authentic curse voodoo removal works.




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Make me an Offer Spiritual Protection Pendant

Make me an Offer Spiritual Protection Pendant








May name is James and I have experienced many spiritual and psychic battles of the occult kind.


In the war of light versus dark, if you are on the side of Light you need as many allies you can get.

The dark side is strong. Very strong.


Never underestimate the power of the dark side. It can take you to deep depths of despair and keep you there for a very, very long time. These are not idle words.


The power of spiritual protection packages and the positive energy of amulets and talismans that give added power to the human energy field is well known for centuries.


Human beings have vast potential to create.


The type of magic that makes destiny is tied to your energy field and what you put out into the universe.



Energy clearing is one of the most important topics you can learn about. Positive energy attracts more positive energy.  Good vibrations and better circumstances come from positive energy.


I feel the energy clearing pendant creates a nice energy field.


It protects and gives me a feeling of self confidence.


Now, I have finally decided to sell my pendant. Make me an offer, 0497705972





Make me an Offer Spiritual Protection Pendant 3

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Singapore Blessings Department

Singapore Blessings Department



What is a Singapore blessings department?


A section of a company that provides blessings for its clients, staff, and products is the business way of the future.


The more blessings a company has the greater its benefits to shareholders and the community.


Blessings create positive energy.


The blessings department works in with sales, accounting, and production to create maximum gain in the market.


Both conventional and esoteric pathways create a surplus.


Strategies of Singapore Blessings Department include:


  1. Apply Tesla inspired technology for greater cost effective results.
  2. Make use of the secrets of the Great Pyramid in Giza Egypt to create positive change.
  3.  Apply White Magick , where appropriate, to nullify attacks from competitors who apply destructive black magic strategy.


A worthwhile generational aim for a company is to accumulate many blessings for itself and create good energy that will carry on for future generations.


Innovation is an uncommon winning strategy in a common place world.



Nevertheless many large corporations of today have used workplace innovation in their early years.


Applied imagination on company innovation is a key why so many successful companies gave forth fruit in their early years.


The purpose of a company is to bring blessings to people through it products and services.


The Singapore blessing idea is one that will grow, and bring lots of goodwill as time goes on.









Energy Clear Blessings
Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Australia 0497 705 972
International +61 497 705 972


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Singapore Business Curse Removal

Singapore Business Curse Removal



In life there are many challenges. One of the biggest setbacks a company can face is the Singapore Business Curse.


Blessings have the ability to create good energy and melt negative vibrations.


You can do a lot to get things back on track with a master approach.



The master always directs the situation and takes initiative.


Strategy involves supporting the positive strengths making them stronger, and stopping the energy leakages that take you backwards.


In a battle the opponents are known, however in the field of black energy magic it is difficult to fight what you cannot see.


In order to win a battle the weakness of the enemy is known.



You have two options:

1)You can work out how to handle Singapore curse removal yourself.

This path takes a lot of trial and error, and would take time to build your knowledge base.


It is possible if you spend many hours each day for a period of months to achieve this competency.



2) You can have a Professional Black Magic Removal Specialist, someone who has a track record of successful magick banishment do it for you.


It is a well known fact that in business the less competition you have the better. Competitors can do anything to gain an advantage over others less informed.


If your Singaporean brand name suffers from a psychic attack of the dark occult type then you have a right to do something about it.


For Singapore curse, spell, and dark magick issues

please phone +61 497 705 972  Melbourne Australia.



Thank you for reading this,

and good luck and blessings in all you do.








Energy Clear Blessings
Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Australia 0497 705 972
International +61 497 705 972


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Blessing for Remove Black Magic Spell Curse Singapore

Blessing for Remove Black Magic Spell Curse Singapore



Singapore is a city full of blessings.


According to Wikimedia it is separated from Peninsular Malaysia by the straits of Johor to the north and from Indonesia’s Riau Islands by the Singapore Straight to the south.


If you live in the wonderful city of Singapore and want blessings for black magic, hex, curse removal here is what I offer:


In life you have two sides. There is the light side, and there is the dark side. You have a choice , because you have free will, you can select what path you want to follow.


Often the family and business journey can be complicated and you find yourself dealing with supernatural dark forces that have power over you.


To help you with these challenging issues I have the following services:


  1. Entity removal Singapore and surrounding islands.
  2. Blessings for business and company flourishing.
  3. House and Apartment clearings, blessings for real estate holdings.
  4. Banish Thailand magick, as appropriate.
  5. Remove business curse, as appropriate.
  6. Anything to do with blessings and the creation of good energy.
  7. Melt spellcasting and handle spell casters, as appropriate.
  8. Blessings for Singapore family and individuals.



Entity removal Singapore




The right type of blessing allows you to block spells and black magic on individuals, business, and large organizations. It is a very important skill, the skill of knowing how to stop someone’s spell.

It is more so in this day and age of jealousy and greed, and competitors who will do anything to gain the most advantage at any cost.


The ability to block negative energy such as voodoo, curse, and demon magic is useful. If you know what to do then you are unafraid and this naturally leads to self confidence.


Heaven has a method of protection for those who are open to it.


You life has a force for good in it. It makes sense to nurture and protect it. It is your life force that gives you joy and zest.







singapore energy


Energy Clear Blessings
Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Australia 0497 705 972
International +61 497 705 972


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Love and blessings, James.
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Angel Visits


Angel Visits



I have a friend who reckons Angels are real.


He said a holy being visited him while asleep, and woke him up.


The saintly being entered his room, tugged at his leg gently, and communicated a message directly into his mind.


The Angel explained to my friend a special life path to follow. He said he could feel the love radiate from this heavenly being, and the profound wisdom within the message.


He received insight, a special download, direct from Heaven.


Love can come from unexpected places sometimes.


Take note of messages from Heaven, they are important.


There are things called intuition and inner knowing. This is good. It is an inner knowing coming from the forces within you.



There is something called blessings from the light. Beings can bring blessings to you.


When a saint such as Buddha, or the bodhisattva of compassion for humanity such as Kwan Yin appears before your eyes, then take note.


There is an important message for you that can change your life and bring blessings.


In general it is a blessing to see a Buddha, Angel, or Saint.


Blessings from Angels are real.


Do something right for them to visit you, as these saintly ones only use their time on people and issues that are important.



Energy Clear Blessings
Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Australia 0497 705 972
International +61 497 705 972


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