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Send Thought Energy

Here is a spiritual practice that will knock your socks off. Sending thoughts of a happy and positive kind can do a lot of good for the person receiving them. Prayers and blessings can give you a similar result. Never underestimate the power of thought. It is the most powerful force in the world.


If you know someone who is down and suffering sending thoughts of compassion and love can do a lot for the individual in need. It is like when someone gives you some of their energy. It lifts you. In this day and age who does not need a lift at times?

What You Need

Here is my method for sending thought energy to loved ones. This is what you are going to need to make it work.

1. A quiet room where you will be undisturbed. I like to use my study. It is comfortable and clean. If you feel relaxed in your space you have picked the right room.
2. A watch or clock. You want to keep this going for one hour. But do not pay too much attention to time. Just be aware of it.
3. You can play some chanting or meditation music in the background. This will help you keep going for the full hour.
4. Make yourself a herbal tea before you begin.
5. Be in a happy and relaxed state of mind.

Good psychic medium follows spiritual practices.

The attitude of mind when sending thought energy is to be of benefit to the person receiving your kind vibrations. I like to mix it up a little during the hour and send a mixture of prayers, blessings, and positive affirmations. Another method I use is to visualize the individual in perfect health, harmony, and being happy at everything they do. I run a mental movie of the person with only positive and fruitful actions happening to them. This does your receiver much good.

Keys to Making This Method Work

You have to keep your mind off yourself and focused on your loved one for this method to work. You will soon discover that it is very hard to focus kind thoughts on anyone outside of yourself for the duration of one hour. But do not let this fact disturb you because your compassionate thoughts are doing much good for the individual receiving them. Keep bringing your thoughts back to the individual when they wander away.

If the next day you ask the person ” Did you feel anything I sent you? ” Do not expect them to feel anything just yet. You have to be very sensitive to energy to feel this kind of thing. But it does not matter. Beneficial thoughts help anyone. Even if they are sent from a long distance.

Tibetans Know

Tibetan monks are very familiar with this method and the good it can bring forth. They have been using this for thousands of years to bring peace and prosperity to people. It is not a new spiritual practice. The only difference is they do not blog about it like I do.

Bad Luck and Negative Energy

This spiritual practice is good for bad luck and negative energy. Love , compassion, and kind thoughts are the best methods to dissolve negative energy. Negative and dark energy needs anger and fear to exist. Love and kindness are at the opposite end of the spectrum. The person suffering may be under too much strain from their environment and these kind thoughts can help see them through.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction says that like attracts like. Kind thoughts , even those sent over a long distance, are causing the law of attraction to work. I cannot stress enough the good you will be doing for the individual when you use this method.

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