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Your Soul Purpose

One of the most important things to have as a human living here on planet earth is a soul purpose. What is your soul purpose? I know mine. I live to express my inner ideals into life. Inner growth, respect for self and others, self confidence, generosity, concentration, and caring for others are the ideals I hold close to my heart.

Soul Purpose and the psychic medium.

I then use the vehicles of my blog and psychic readings to express this into life. This is an important point many self development teachers and gurus do not tell you. The qualities of respect, generosity , and caring come from the soul. They give you a firm foundation to use whatever means, I like to call them physical vehicles, to make your life work in the real world.

soul rose

Following the Purpose of Others

One of the saddest tragedies in life is that if you do not have a life purpose you automatically forfeit this area of life to the purpose of others. You will then be living a purpose others plan for you. This is not a good idea. Many times success in life is caused by going against mainstream thinking and following your own path. By having your own life purpose your chances for a fun, rewarding, and happy life increase dramatically. This is because you begin to use creativity and the other life qualities I mentioned before that can only come when your have your soul purpose in mind and, more importantly, firmly placed in your heart.

Clean Up Your Life

Having a clear and insightful soul purpose is the reason you are living life. It is fulfilling. It brings you joy. If you love what you do for a job, have quality friends around you, and on your journey you naturally make a real contribution to the world adding to humanity and creating a better place you most likely have your soul purpose already. When your have a clear direction and sense of being in life you have taken care of the following areas. You have removed all the rubbish in your life as follows:

-negative friends
-negative and life draining environment
-Poor quality food
-Draining job you do not like
-No attention to inner growth
-No ideals or values in life causing you to live the values of others
you may not respect or like

Soul Purpose is Everywhere

Everyone is born with a soul purpose but the experiences of life cause us to forget. Some people like to call this crucial area LIFE PURPOSE. But we will continue to use the words soul purpose here. What happens to many of us is the soul purpose we are born with becomes buried deep inside of us. If this is the case it feels like we do not have one. But this is incorrect. We all have it although the sadness, and rough journey in life, can cause it to be squashed deep inside of us and not expressed into our lives.

Happy Jim

If I did not have my soul purpose clearly defined in my life there is no way this blog or my psychic readings could work. But I have my foundation firmly in place. So my blogging and readings all work and bring joy to many people all over the world. Get your act together and discover your own soul purpose.

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Jim Cassa is a psychic and writer. He is the founder of Blogboogie the site for Personal Growth. Jim helps clients evolve. He offers distance learning and shows YOU many useful methods on self help and personal growth. Let AUSTRALIAN psychic Jim Cassa show you ways on how to develop your PERSONAL GROWTH today!

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