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Bad Luck and Readings

Last week I did a clairvoyant reading on a female friend who is very dear to me. No one likes to see someone close suffer. Yet she had much dark energy in her aura. This dark energy looks like thick cobwebs, like a gray mist over a foggy lake, to a psychic. Minus the spider of course. It is invisible to the naked eye but you can train yourself to feel the heaviness of it.

Psychic medium

Sadness in the Aura

The sad fact about this situation is she created the bad luck herself! Over years of neglect and living life in a destructive way like a martyr this type of energy builds up into negative energy banks in the aura. This comes from reading the information in the energy field of the individual and not from judgment. It comes from a place of help, of assistance, in working with someone. She sacrificed her own needs for those of the family and lived a life of total neglect.

Life Experience

The experience we have in life is an exact match of what we carry around in our aura. The aura is a form of energy and you can change it over time to be more in harmony with your true inner self. I have mentioned the HUMAN ENERGY FIELD and how everyone on the planet has their unique energy signature. To become self empowered means you carry inside your aura possibilities of the life direction you wish to go. You begin to experience more good luck than bad. This is true empowerment.

A clairvoyant can see and work with you on getting rid of, to melt and disperse, the negative energy patches. What you do not know about energy can trip you up in life.


Bad luck cycles take the fun out of life. My online readers are welcome to message me for more information.

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