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Image showing Black Tourmaline Jewelry.

Black Tourmaline Jewelry

If you told me six months ago I would have black tourmaline jewelry available on Blogboogie I would have said no way! I will forgive you if you think I am over enthusiastic about new age crystals.

Psychic medium

It wasn’t always so. Several years ago I knew little about black tourmaline and its psychic properties. Well I did a 180 degrees turn around and now tell, friends , family, you name it, I let everyone know about the amazing crystal energies of this stone that is now used for pendants, bracelets, and attractive jewelry all around the globe.

Yes. The fact is I now have black tourmaline jewellery bracelets here on the blog if you want one. I am doing this for a good reason. The black tourmaline crystal has psychic properties that work well with my energy. If you want to know more about my personal experience with this psychic crystal stone read on!

Here are my personal uses for the black tourmaline bracelet.

1. Energy boost.

2. Attractive to wear.

3. Confidence lift.

On a more esoteric level I use the bracelet for:

4. Work with the energy of Mother Gaia.

5. Raise my energy vibration.

6. Makes a great gift. I often gift crystals to people.

These days we are covered in pollution. The bad news is pollution is going to get a lot worse on our planet before it gets better. The obvious sources are the contaminants in food, water, and air which we consume on a daily basis. These sources of energy we the people consume contain contaminants and these hideous pollutants in food, water, and air then become a part of us. This is why I am a big fan of detox programs. Detoxing eliminates much of the chemicals we pick up in modern life.

Pollution comes from other sources such as work environments, negative news, and people who drain you. These are more mind, soul, and emotional forms of pollution. If we add up all of the negative energy around us it would be shocking to see this accumulation of damaging dark vibrations.

There is one fact that cannot be disputed about negative energy. That is there are always several negative sources of energy that run together at the same time. You will not find , in nature, one source of negative energy on its own. Ever.

This being true it makes sense, if anyone is going to change their life towards the positive, then one source of good energy will never do the job.

The same principle applies to energy. Positive thinking alone is not enough although it is a good step forward. This universal principle explains why many personal development programs find it difficult to work on a daily basis. If a spiritual empowerment system only uses one method it is not enough to work properly. The deck is stacked against such a program being successful simply because the negative energy in life has such an entrenched position. Is this making sense here? I hope it is.

The natural black tourmaline mineral is one of a positive vibration. I give it a huge energy tick in my personal development toolkit. Black tourmaline crystals are one of the wonders of nature and a good reason to share this information with others. I have found the black tourmaline bracelet useful to wear and I wish to go into this in more detail and explain the amazing properties of the tourmaline stones.

Examples of positive energy sources:

1. Being in nature.

2. Showing values of compassion and respect.

3. Working on your personal self development.

Examples of negative energy sources:

1. Psychic attack.

2. Microwave transmissions.

3. Refined foods.

Order Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Tourmaline Stones

Let me tell you how I first got into using tourmaline stones. There is a certain celebrity in the new age scene who I follow closely. One day I received a newsletter from this new age celebrity and it had a fascinating write up on the black tourmaline crystal and the benefits of keeping a stone of this kind in your pocket.

The newsletter discussed black tourmaline properties and until then I never thought of using black tourmaline gemstones in this way. My mind was a little skeptical as this area of the new age, that is crystals and bead jewelry, and I had no experience in this whatsoever.

Psychic Medium Lesson

I decided to go and get my own tourmaline stone crystal. But where can black tourmaline be found? After purchasing my little tourmaline rock in a New Age shop I placed it into the palm of my hand.

This is a psychic medium method I teach people in my psychic coaching. It is ideal to practice this exercise in a quiet room while at home. Stretch out your arm level with your shoulder. Have your palm facing upwards towards the ceiling. Now close your eyes and focus your concentration into the palm of your hand.

Notice how it feels. You are beginning to sense energy with this. Slowly move your outstretched arm to the right, then to the left, and do this several times all the while placing your concentration into the palm of your hand.

Do this several times. Attempt to feel the weight of the air in front of you. Air does have a weight. You can ask any scientist. The weight of air is one piece of information that is mostly in the background and it is the type of information our consciousness filters out from our everyday awareness.

Next place the black tourmaline stone into the palm of your hand. Close your eyes and repeat the same process as above. Feel the energy of the black tourmaline gemstone.

Exercises like this one increase psychic perception and awareness of energy. My opinion is the more aware of energy we become the more problems we solve in life.

After noticing the tourmaline stone in my palm I immediately felt the energy. Something was going on, with the energy of the crystal, as I could feel it, and I became pleasantly surprised by its positive energy vibrations.

Black Tourmaline Beads

There is a big difference between a black tourmaline bead and a black tourmaline stone. The beads are small and you can fit 10-12 beads into one stone. I prefer the large stones and this is what I use in making the bracelet. When you have eight to twelve stones in one place this is a lot of crystal power.

My experience with black tourmaline stones is that they empower the aura, or energy field, of my being. This explains a lot about how crystals block psychic attack and negative energy.

Psychic Attack

It is common to experience psychic attacks these days. If you are exposed to any form of psychic assault you will want to stop the psychic attack as soon as you can.

Psychic attacks vary in intensity. You have the bully of a boss in a work environment who uses his authority as stand over man. This can apply to anyone who likes to use forceful acts to control people like a sledge hammer, to manipulate, and to stir up the workforce.

Near the hardcore end of the spectrum is someone who intentionally directs negative thought forms at you. This is a more serious kind of concentrated negative energy. It causes you hardship and a general slow down in your actions. You can do without this hassle.

How to defend yourself against psychic attack becomes your first priority. You can use spiritual practices, natural herbs, and black tourmaline in deflecting psychic attack.

The importance of general health of the aura needs to be considered. A weak aura leaves you open to psychic attack. General positive all around well being is the best way to strengthen the aura. After you have this foundation covered then you can add supplemental measures to prevent the psychic attack aimed at your mind, body, and spirit.

Black Tourmaline Jewellery

Black tourmaline, also known as black tourmaline schorl, stones are used in the jewelery bracelet.

The tourmaline mineral is well known to the shamans of indigenous cultures. The shaman was the caretaker of the village in ancient times. It was his job to look after the entire mind, body, and spirit well being of everyone in his community.

The shaman delivered blessings with crystals, brought good fortune to the community, and encouraged prosperity among his people.

In a previous blog post I have talked about building personal power by gaining energy in the three areas of mind, body, and spirit. Empowerment happens in all three areas at once.

By working on all areas simultaneously you avoid lopsided development in any one area and personal growth is more even and balanced.

Black Tourmaline Bracelet

I wear my black tourmaline bracelet whenever I know I am going to have a challenging day. If there is a negative environment, or a negative person, I know I am going to need extra energy protection.

Negative individuals like to suck energy from me more than a vacuum cleaner being sold by a salesman on a late night infomercial on TV. If you have this problem of energy loss I can guarantee you if you stop the energy leaks in you then you are going to feel a lot better.

If you order your bracelet today I can ship and handle it out to you on the same day. This way you will receive your bracelet before you know it. Remember there is no additional cost for shipping, postage, and handling.

Order Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Refund Policy
Here at Blogboogie do not give refunds on jewelery. Upon purchase it implies that you are satisfied with your jewelry and this discharges our liability to offer you with a refund or credit. Thank you and know that I wear my black tourmaline bracelet often…almost everyday for energy protection.

Blogboogie information about black tourmaline is for inspiration and entertainment purposes only. Always see your doctor and qualified healthcare professional about all injuries, illness, and other health related issues! By using this site and associated information from Blogboogie you agree and acknowledge you are personally responsible for your use of this black tourmaline information. Thank you and live well !

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