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How to Treat Yourself

I admire it when I come across someone, male or female, who looks after their mind, body, and spirit equally. I am talking about the total mind, body, and spirit experience of how to treat yourself well. Women lead the way in this area.

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I am thankful to the strong women I have met on my journey, especially in the area of opening up my intuition and psychic senses, and I have had some good female teachers along the way in personal development. If you are male or female the most balanced growth comes when both the feminine and masculine inner energy is in harmony since we all have some of each within.

How well we treat ourselves means a lot on the metaphysical level of our being. We tell the universe how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. This applies to our deep subconscious beliefs as well, which we may not be aware of consciously, but they influence us because they are still a part of our being.

In 2009 I penned a short article titled TREAT YOURSELF WELL. It was written in an inspirational and motivational style and people seemed to like it telling me in the emails I received. Here is the first part of it:

TREAT YOURSELF WELL…Treating yourself well can influence events. How you look after yourself creates a certain energy , and this energy keeps you safe. Even if you stumble across someone who does not have your best interest at heart, if your energy vibrations are high enough, you will be protected.

These words are ever so much more apt now because there is new higher energy coming into the planet and it is a MUST to treat yourself well. The new energy vibrations influence everyone and everything. It is easier to go with the tide and this is a TSUANAMI of an energy tide of higher vibration and frequency.

Some folks cannot handle this extra energy and lose it. We only have to look around us to see individuals running around with anger and hate. It is all coming to the surface now like an uncapped oil spill spewing forth its unsavory insides.

The problem with negative actions of unprocessed inner feelings is if you are in the same location of the person having the triggered reaction they can unbalance you along with them. I have said it for ages now. Polluted auras are contagious. Do what you can to make your energy, and aura, stronger. Then protect your energy from unsavory types.

Many times I have entered a room at a party and experienced the sensation of feeling dirty only by standing next to someone. This is what happens when you hang around auras that are full of #rap. Anyone sensitive to energy can pick up on this.

I have a prophecy and prediction about the human energy field, the aura, that in the future the aura will be taken far more seriously than it is now. I can see the day where job positions will be given out by the quality of one’s aura. Larger tasks of a diplomatic and group nature require a lot of spiritual strength to be successful. Only someone with certain colors in the aura can work to benefit the larger population by putting self interest last and people first. Depth of spirit will equal the magnitude of the job responsibility.

Stay Motivated

It is hard to stay motivated at times. Especially when things go wrong. The world is only too keen to drain you by throwing lots of negative energy at you. If you want to change this you have to create the positive energy in your own life yourself. Here are some of my daily motivators. I do them every day, or second day, depending:

# Ion Detox Footbath
# Eat Green Superfoods
# Telephone an Upbeat Friend
# Walk in Fresh Air
# Write in My Personal Journal
# Do a Guided Meditation
# Review my Soul Purpose
# Pray for a Loved One
# Write an article for My Blog
# Read a Book
# Dance to Music ( in private )

If you want some help with designing your own daily motivators email me and we can work together on creating a plan for positive energy.

You will have your own positive activities suitable to your own mind spirit harmony. I have found only one, or two, positive activities per day are not enough. These days you need around six, or more , daily positive actions to give you the energy to do what you want.

My experience is that high energy people are made, not born. They have made choices about their lives, added a little discipline, and let go of every personal and metaphysical concept that does not work. It can be hard for the ego to unlearn things but when you come out the other end you will find it all worthwhile.

Here is the second part of my little piece, written in 2009, of Treat Yourself Well:

It is a funny thing, but it works. So slow down and eat that healthy food you want to eat, paint that picture you have been meaning to, visit that relative you want to see. It all makes good energy and this good energy flows out into the world, then it begins to flow back to you! Damn fine, like magic I call it.

People and events resonate to match your high vibration. Life begins to become fun, you also , I find, get to meet some interesting people. I will write about them someday. You will notice as you begin to treat yourself like a King or Queen, I don’t mean with ego, but with respect and care, an appreciation of your body, mind, and emotions, people and events will try to match your frequency.

This is only good news since the vibration you are at is quite rapid, and events and people need to be as rapid frequency to be able to interact with you. Take care everyone,and treat yourself well everyone, things are looking up !

The message here is one where you can live life in a creative way, with lots of fun and energy, and leave off the not so nice side of life that drains you and is only an empty feeling. So treat yourself well, it is worth it !

Treat Yourself Well Coaching

If you want some help with your own personal plan for empowering your life you are welcome to email me. This is for you if you are after a one to one private phone coaching session on the topics covered in this article.

Mail me : jamescassa35(AT)gmail.com Oh…the (AT) instead of @ in the email is to prevent spam. I know, its a hassle!

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Jim Cassa is a psychic and writer. He is the founder of Blogboogie the site for Personal Growth. Jim helps clients evolve. He offers distance learning and shows YOU many useful methods on self help and personal growth. Let AUSTRALIAN psychic Jim Cassa show you ways on how to develop your PERSONAL GROWTH today!

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