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Psychic Development

The Secret to Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums use tools like meditation and the black tourmaline crystal to give themselves an intuitive edge.

Psychic medium

A top psychic reminds me of a finely tuned athlete. The athlete has natural ability plus the assistance of a coach, cutting edge nutrition, and the most effective training methods to get the body in tune and in shape. A good psychic medium has a similar edge.

The best online psychics have lots of natural ability plus the use of some extra tools, and methods, I am going to show you here.

The best psychic mediums use a similar strategy like in our athlete example and do what they can to expand their talents of spirit and intuitive abilities. This is the secret to how they can see so much of the unseen worlds. Famous psychic mediums, and local psychic mediums, do what they can to be good at the science, and art, of psychic mediumship.

Each has their own personal approach and bag of psychic tricks, let us say. The topic of how to develop psychic ability is a huge one. There are many different shades of intuition and inner knowing used in psychic medium readings.

Mediums use live psychic ability, psychokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy and more. Clairvoyant ability is unlimited and needs more than one, or several , words to describe it.

Psychic Mediums Real

If we go back and use our top athlete analogy we can understand much more about psychic mediums. The best athletes use the following:

* Coaches that show them how to use the mind and mental toughness in their sport.
* Optimum nutrition plus all natural drinks before contests and games to boost performance.
* The latest physical training methods.
* Strategy and gameplan blueprints.
* Association and mixing with other top athletes.
* DVD study of previous match wins and viewing of opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

We find good psychics using extra tools to boost and lift psychic performance. Powerful psychic readings are the result of positive energy. Over the course of a week to accumulate this good energy psychics often:

* Work with crystals. Black tourmaline is my favorite crystal.
* Meditate often to get deep into the alpha and theta mind states.
* Work with energy infusion over distance.
* Gain help from entities of higher intelligence.
* Member of a psychic circle dedicated to personal spiritual growth.
* Use mandalas for extra power.
* Employ the use of mantras.
* Associate with other clairvoyants listed in the psychic mediums directory.

Top Psychic Medium

A top psychic medium works in the light and stays away from black practices. The lifelong experience of the psychic, both good and bad personal experiences, plus knowing how the inner worlds operate gives wisdom on how and why some clairvoyant tools should be used and why other tools should be avoided like a poisonous rattlesnake.

Crystals are an ideal tool for lightworkers and intuition work. There are many good stones and crystals that carry a positive energy and work very well with the human aura giving it an energy lift. Black tourmaline is my favorite crystal and I work with it very closely.

Plus if you want to develop your psychic powers meditation, prayer, reading sacred texts, mantra, and mandalas should all be looked at with the intention of furthering one’s psychic progress.

Nevertheless we should not forget what others dabble in being black magic, calling in of lower type of spirits, and energy vampirism that is all too common nowadays. Casting love spells to get a lover and to breakup a relationship is in this dangerous category of psychic stunts to be avoided. Here are the psychic no go zones that seekers enter at their own peril.

Psychic No Go Zones

Ouija Board. There are many bad points to say about this board and no good points. The best thing you can do if you have an ouija board is to throw it out. There are psychic tools that assist you but this one does not. Poor souls have come undone by its frivolous use and blocked their life path.

For those who do not know the ouija board is used to communicate with dead spirits. The problem is you only get spirits from the lower astral realms coming via the board, not the higher celestial types you want, and this causes all kinds of trouble for you. I can understand the need for communicating with loved ones that have passed. But by using the ouija board you are opening up yourself to needless psychic dangers.

Leave the board alone, or use phone psychics, and walk a path that has more peace and safety than this one. The ouija board opens a doorway to the astral realm where the lower spirits, the ones that cause trouble and headaches, reside. It acts as a bridge allowing bad spirits to cross into this world. Once here these negative type of spirits are very hard to get rid of.

Love Spells. How many times has someone told me they have cast a spell on a lover to get them to fall in love and then experienced all of the bad luck in the world! Too many times have I heard this one. Avoid love spells, curses, hexes, and all types of black magic performed on others.

If you go down this path you will have much bad luck and it will be your own fault. The new energy coming into the planet does not sustain the black arts anymore, the tide is changing, and this tide will carry you out to sea is you are not careful. It only supports positive methods of the light now.

If you want a special someone in your life instead of breaking up relationships , or using spell manipulation on someone, use the law of attraction as it is more of working in the light. Online psychic readings can give you insight and guidance on this topic.

Astral Helpers. Yet another psychic method misunderstood is the use of calling in astral helpers and elementals. Astral helpers, which are invisible spirits, are called in to perform a task for the one calling it but there is a big problem with this method.

The astral entity will demand a part of your life force as payment, since nothing is free in this universe even in metaphysical terms, and if you keep this up over time you will lose energy and enthusiasm for life. Further down the track you will find yourself losing your wellbeing.

The hideous psychic fact is that the astral helper does not need to tell you it is using your life force. It does not have to. Since on the metaphysical level you have called it in you have automatically given it rights because it is performing a service for you.

Stick to the Light

All of the best online psychic mediums stick to the light. They use meditation, using thoughts with intention to benefit, plus crystals like the black tourmaline and work with positive energies. You are wise if you do the same.

Leave the darker side of the occult to those who like trouble. I prefer peace and happiness myself. I suggest psychic chat for insight upon one’s spiritual journey. Psychic horoscopes are good if you can find a reputable astrologist.

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