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Melbourne Psychic Reading

Hello. My name is Jim Cassa and I am one of the genuine Melbourne psychics available. I am asked, and enjoy doing, accurate psychic readings for folks all over the world.

I have people in the USA, Europe , and UK who ask me to read. All of this in addition to my home and local clairvoyance in the city of Melbourne. How this clairvoyant medium experience happened to me is the topic of this blog.

Psychic medium

I receive all kinds of psychic information. It comes to me in different ways. I have inner knowing, visions, foresight of events about to happen, dreams, signs from the universe in the form of synchronicity, telepathy, and feelings about people and events that are genuine and accurate. Sometimes the accuracy of my own psychic predictions scares myself!

My mind, body, and spirit journey is a unique one and it is a spirit quest I want to share with you. I love being a part of psychic Melbourne.

You see I began writing articles on the internet before I had this blog, Blogboogie.com, online and up and running. The fact is I love to write. The creative muse often visits me and I express my thoughts and soul through my art which is the written word.

Months of writing passed and lots of my articles were scattered on various article directories around the net on cyberspace and they were beginning to accumulate. Pretty soon I had over one hundred articles on psychic development online in different places. I thought to myself it would be a good idea to have them all in one central virtual spot. A one stop psychic article shop so to speak. This is how I got the idea to begin a psychic blog.

A long time ago, when I was fifteen years of age, I had my first mystical experience. Soon after I began my psychic journey. Since then my visions have been coming to me thick and fast. Along with the visions my psychic development has been growing and unfolding year by year. I write about all of this psychic development and place it here online.

I don’t claim to be the best psychic in Melbourne and it does not interest me at all. I am more into giving private psychic medium readings that empower through accurate email readings and personal phone readings. The more I assist others the more I am given in psychic gifts. It is a win win situation all around.

There is much to learn about personal development, living life to the full, and my experience in the mind, body, and spirit field is that much of the current information available to the public in this area is wrong and does not work. If I find something that works in my life I use this blog as a vehicle to share it.

Psychic Medium Victoria

This blog is a FREE RESOURCE that will be up and standing for you forever. You have free access to all of the psychic information here on the blog 24/7. A lot of this psychic and personal growth information is cutting edge and useful.

I am a local living in the state of Victoria in Australia but the internet allows me to share this information with great people world wide. You can also find me on social media if you wish to message me. Put Jim Cassa in and do a search and I am there online. I might be a clairvoyant in Melbourne and the beauty of the online world is you can communicate with people from all over the world. This is a bit like the mind powers of ESP, distance healing, and remote viewing where time and distance cease to exist for the psychic sender.

Famous Psychic Mediums

I get much of my inspiration from the famous psychic mediums in history. Nevertheless even though I have built my psychic gifts on the shoulders of giants who have gone before I have my own unique style of medium clairvoyance.

My two key methods are reading the Akashic records of the individual and reading the personal human aura, or what I like to call the energy signature, of someone. These two methods give me lots of information and fresh insight. It is here you will find the soul purpose of a human being which is wrapped up in the energy one carries, the energy signature, like personal DNA.

Medium Readings

The first thing to know about medium readings is that it is a common desire to want to know about ones who have passed, the ones we still love even though they are not here in the physical body, and this is a good sign of caring and respect we have for the no longer living. It is all very normal to wish to know if a passed loved one is OK.

Psychic mediums have been doing this for centuries. Communicating with the dead that is. Before you decide to engage a psychic medium in this task allow me to share some information with you that is uncommon knowledge about the dead.

Some religions here on earth claim that when you die that is it. You go to a heaven or hell they say and that is that. Let me tell you there is a bit more to it than this. The dead are working on their personal growth on the other side, they are busy, and should only be contacted if it is absolutely necessary. I know all of this because I have been there… I will tell you about it sometime.

I used to go to the psychic expo in Melbourne and search for the top psychic around town but I gave all of this up ages ago. The best psychic or clairvoyant is the one who is in tune with spirit no matter where they live, the color of their skin, or their background.

Here are some common psychic terms I like.

Telepathy: This is the form of mind communicating with mind without help from the senses or any kind of electronic communication device. Intuition often works by picking up the thoughts of others as the mind is a highly sophisticated broadcasting station. You can also pick up on the mass mind, or the group mind, and get a feel for upcoming trends.

Chakras: The chakras are wheels of energy located along the spinal column. No psychic development course is complete until it deals with the chakra energy system. The more aligned our chakras the more our psychic perception and awareness opens.

Psychometry: Finding out information from someone’s ring or a piece of jewelery is known as psychometry. Objects absorb human vibrations. This is also called psychic imprints. A group psychic imprint is the eerie feeling you get when visiting an old battlefield where mass slaughter happened on a large scale. The energy of the place is far from calm and peaceful. It is a very negative vibration in a battlefield that hangs in the air.

Iron Willpower:Iron willpower is achieved by having total control over one’s subconscious mind to perform physical acts without pain. Examples are the barefoot firewalk performed over hot coals. The subconscious mind becomes so conditioned by the iron will that many seemingly impossible acts become possible.

Anchoring a Belief System: This is one of my favorites. A belief system acquired in childhood is not easy to release. It can be done if you know what you are doing. Logic can only go so far and when it comes to explaining psychic phenomena logic as we know it breaks down. The psychic experience did occur and logic and reason breaks down because it has no explanation for it.

You can be on the path of developing your own intuition and psychic perception to a higher degree. Here are some suggestions if you are following the path of psychic mediums:

Join a Circle: A psychic circle is a great place for psychic development and growing your intuition. A small group of dedicated individuals all working together , helping one another, can go a long way towards increased psychic ability.

Meditation: Meditation is a tried and proven method of personal development thousands of years old. It still works today. A great personal development tool I do my meditation in the mornings. Meditation increases awareness and allows greater energy to flow.

Open the Heart: We all have an intuitive voice inside of us that can guide and protect us. We get better at listening to our spirit voice the more we use it. It takes a little bit of practice to become better at sensing and feeling energy but we can all learn. I have found opening the heart to be one of life’s greatest gifts.

Anyone can use these suggestions for psychic development. You can be giving psychic medium readings in Melbourne, or be living in the USA, it does not matter where you live. The truths of life are universal and apply to all. This is real wisdom.

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Peace to you,
Jim Cassa.



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Jim Cassa is a psychic and writer. He is the founder of Blogboogie the site for Personal Growth. Jim helps clients evolve. He offers distance learning and shows YOU many useful methods on self help and personal growth. Let AUSTRALIAN psychic Jim Cassa show you ways on how to develop your PERSONAL GROWTH today!

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