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Here I am, recounting from memory, my experiences in the ashram many years ago. This is an important part of my ashram journey I want to share with you. It is on the topic of psychic foods and how what we eat influences our mind, body, and spirit connection.

Australia psychic medium Jim Cassa.

Anyone on the path of self improvement has a major obstacle to face and it is How the heck do you find the time and energy to pursue my dream when my life situation, that is the outside world, takes up all of my time and energy?

The outside world means our job, looking after children, in fact any commitment you have that you need to devote time and energy.

If we are going to live the life we want we need energy > enter psychic foods!

I always believed you could have your cake and eat it too. Now there are several pathways to raise energy. Here we are looking at A MAJOR LIFE PATHWAY by the use of foods as described to me many years ago by a monk I met while living in the ashram.

Foods Psychic Abilities

The Ashram housing, and amenities, were all built around the Gopa temple, or central meditation hall which was situated on an elevated hill top. The Gopa was designed as a large spacious meeting room where the monks delivered their spiritual practices. I remember sitting on a cushion on the wooden floor, listening to the head monk’s recitation on the scriptures of Buddha, and how hard the floorboards felt on my feet. The comforts of urban living made me soft!

The monk’s lecture was hard to understand, not because of its content, it was difficult to follow because it was delivered in an obscure Asian dialect which then had to be translated into English by an interpreter who always sat next to the head monk. The interpreter’s English was awful.

In fact after fifteen minutes of his lecture my mind stared to drift to other things. I was zoning out. Politely I excused myself and went downstairs. This was one of my favorite locations in the ashram since here they had a large library and it was usually quiet.

I placed my pad and pen on the table and continued working on a short story I began some weeks prior. I was there for several hours when a monk I had not seen before, wearing a long orange flowing robe, brown sandals, and a shaved head entered and sat opposite me.

” You are psychic,” he announced.

“And you have been repeating your mantras too long on the astral plane,” I replied confidently. I mentioned before it was years ago, I was fifteen years old, and back then had a bit of an attitude problem.

“Would you like to read my palm?” the monk kindly asked.

” No, ” I said , ” I much rather read my Somerset Maugham.” Some months prior my father had gifted me the entire written works by one of the greatest English fiction writers, Somerset Maugham, and I carried some of these books with me to the Ashram.

I was trying to make the monk leave but he did not go. Next he announced, ” How old do you think I am? ” I told him I was terrible with ages but he insisted I guess at his age at the very least.

” You look about… forty five years of age, ” I stated, after studying his face seriously. I expected to get his age approximately right with about a five year window on either side of my guesstimate.

” I am seventy three years of age, and this year I will become seventy four! ” He looked at me with kind eyes and a wise smile.

Wow, I thought, he really does look young for his age. Now the monk had my attention. My desire aroused to know more about him. Frankly I did not know how to go about it since I had to reframe my thinking. He understood something about the aging process that I did not know.

So I blurted it out, ” What is your secret to eternal youth ?”

The monk told me there are several streams of knowledge to which he pays attention. One of the key areas is the use of foods to empower and enlighten. He went on, ” Each food has a vibration and a frequency. People also have a frequency. The frequency of health and well being is on the spectrum of expansion. Pure foods empower your personal vibration. They can increase your psychic perception. Nature can empower mankind if he hears the wisdom of nature.

You can see by my face I have ceased to age at the normal rate you are used to seeing. I have my birth certificate which clearly states how old I am in years and it is accepted and respected by the authorities here. Because you have no points of reference and everyone where you come from ages in the same way your mind is not even open to the idea that it is possible to slow down, in some cases you can drastically slow, the aging process.

Now we move on to psychic foods and their uses. I will go into my daily routine in a general way. I will only explain to you what you can grasp at this time and if you wish to go further in your understanding of the psychic power in foods you will have to use this knowledge as your foundation. Only later can you build upon it. Here is my psychic food routine as follows:

I begin the day with something liquid and alkaline. Now I know you do not understand what I mean by alkaline. You have alkaline and acid foods. I was taught when young to take a liquid, about 20 mls, made from a green grass upon arising. This method has its basis in traditional Chinese medicine.

I believe you have similar grasses in your health food shops. Wheat grass or barley grass will do fine. Spirulina is another alternative. The green foods are very cleansing on a cellular level. I believe in your science you have the knowledge that all life begins with a cell and that is correct.

On a spiritual level green is a powerful color and think of the trees and grasses in nature and how they take the rubbish humans breath out and convert it into something life giving. They like to clean, repair, and contribute energy. This is called the wisdom of trees and grasses.

Now if you cared for your cells properly you would feed them , nourish them, and arrange to take away their waste products. Am I making sense?” the monk asked. I nodded open mouthed but did not say a word.

He went on, ” I explained that all foods have an energy. Yet you eat dead foods that have no or very little energy. These kinds of foods are calorie rich but nutritionally empty foods. If you are going to grow your psychic powers switch to nutritional dense foods.

The green barley grass, the wheat grass, and the spirulina are examples of foods rich in nutrients which will feed your cells at a cellular level. Now hand me your writing pad. Watch me put your pad on my chest where my heart chakra is located.”

I watched as the monk placed my writing pad on his heart chakra. ” I feel the energy of this paper. Now I will feel the energy of these flowers in the vase.” He pulled a red rose from a vase on the table and placed it over his heart chakra. ” See ,” he said,” If you ever want to know if a packaged food is life giving and full of nutrients you can use my method. It will save you reading the label.”

I started to like this monk and his unusual sense of humor.

The monk gave me a practical exercise to use in town at the local health food shop. He wanted me to go into a heath food shop and take down from the shelf vitamin bottles and place them next to my heart chakra, close my eyes, and feel the energy of the vitamins. He called it my psychic homework. Back home at school I never received fascinating homework like this!

“But what if I feel nothing!” I protested.

“You will feel nothing,” the monk said, ” In the beginning your heart center is closed. It is asleep. But it can be awakened with effort and understanding. This energy exercise will help awaken the heart chakra. Let us keep this moving.

Next I want you to learn all you can about enzymes. Look into fresh vegetable and fruit juices. There is a book by a Dr. Norman Walker I recommend you read titled FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICES. In the future you will be doing lots of traveling. You will be living in hotels and eating lots of restaurant food lacking in enzymes. RAW JUICES will remedy this problem for you.

Strip your diet of all refined products especially refined sugar. Begin to cut out, over time, all packaged foods and begin to eat more natural ones.

Replace cordials and prepared fruit drinks with herbal teas. Chamomile tea is good for you. Sip it during the day.

Begin to talk to the cells of your body. Tell them you are sorry you neglected them. Apologize for feeding them junk as a substitute for real food. Now let the cells of you body know you are only going to feed them nutritious foods. Visualize your body cells healthy and well.”

The monk retrieved a small knife from his pocket and made a long cut with it on the back of his hand but no blood flowed. He stared at his self inflicted wound with intense concentration for a minute and blood began to flow from his wound. He then went on to wipe the blood away. He then focused his concentration upon his wound again and the blood stopped running from his hand once more.

” I cut my hand to show you how much control I have over my autonomic nervous system. It takes years to accomplish such a feat as the one I have shown you. It begins with simple visualizations like the ones I explained to you about creating images in the mind of your body cells.”

The monk encouraged me to write down what I thought would make a good psychic food list. My mind began to explode from this new information overload. I thought about unusual and out of the box concepts such as tarot foods, psychic soul food, and deeply pondered the relationship between foods and how to develop psychic abilities.

The monk was a good teacher. Like any good teacher, or coach, the monk got up and left leaving his student a little bit more wiser and better from his counsel. I didn’t feel like writing anymore. I got up to take a walk outside in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful day outside. It was summer, the day looking fresh and new, with my mind saturated with the monk’s information it wanted to rest.

I turned around while on the Ashram grounds and looked back at the Gopa pleased with my decision to cut meditation class.

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