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Psychic Development

One of the most popular topics I blog about is how to gain positive energy, and how to block the negative kind, in various ways.

I can tell how many visitors Blogboogie receives daily by my WordPress visitor count. Visitors triple whenever I write about energy showing the public interest in this important life giving topic.

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The best way to get positive energy is by a mix of common sense and metaphysical methods. It is the combination of these two that gives a positive energy balance.

The test of any personal development technique in the gain of extra energy is does it work or not? Many teachers and gurus, so convincing in their personality and approach, to self improvement that we often believe them immediately without any real testing of their techniques in the real world of experience.

I have been researching personal growth and different ways to GET POSITIVE ENERGY for many years. I am not alone. There are many others who are into developing their minds, bodies, and spirits to the optimum. After you have been at personal development for a while you notice the following:

1. The human condition can be improved. That is nature only gives us a certain amount of instinct and energy. If we wish to develop further it is only by our own effort.

2. There are some individuals walking the earth that have good insight into personal growth while many are way, way, behind.

3. The more we learn about personal development the more energy we gain.

Personal Energy Reasons

I have an important reason why the art of energy gain in mind, body, and spirit is crucial.

Psychic readings are fascinating, accurate, and a great way to get information on uncommon ways to achieve life’s goals. Clairvoyant readings require energy of a high standard if they are to be successful. Plus it is my way of giving service.

The fact that a psychic gets into communication with spirit has nothing to do with if he is a better person or not. It has everything to do with his total energy quota which is made up from his physical, astral, and etheric bodies.

Several days ago my energy level was severely depleted from a visit to a shopping center. There was nothing wrong with the shopping center itself. It was the people inside the center who caused my energy drain. Let me explain.

You might be asking yourself, “Don’t you know any energy protection techniques to keep your energy field safe?”

Of course I do! Yet here is the challenge.

After the seeker has been on the path for a number of years, if he is dedicated and hard working in his quest, he finds out many useful facts about the human experience. Mysteries are revealed to him.

Upon opening of the third eye a person can see, and feel, many different forms of energy here upon the earth plane. This knowledge gives the seeker immense compassion for all people because he now has a true picture of the challenges , the energy leaks, and the heroic quest that confronts each individual as they walk the earth plane.

This emotion of compassion reaches its peak when the seeker walks past people in the street. The aura can be easily read by someone who knows.

Inside of the aura a person carries with them precisely what they are. Individuals wear their aura like we wear clothes with one exception, you cannot take off the aura, whenever you please, since it is the energy field of the person. It is here to stay like a set of fingerprints.

When the seeker feels compassion for people, say in a shopping center, naturally he wants to help. He helps by projecting a small amount of love energy, a thought form, that comes from the heart chakra of the seeker.

Problems arise when there are masses of people around in crowds like there are in some public streets. The sheer numbers make it more challenging to project love at everyone.

Plus there is another more serious issue one must deal with. Many folks these days have what is called a dirty aura. A dirty aura has within it all of the selfish motives, anger, sense of frustration and in fact all of the person’s thoughts and actions good or bad.

If one harbors these emotions as a part of their life stream they have no choice but to operate at a low energy level. When a low energy individual spots another of a high energy level it is human nature, a subconscious survival mechanism, to attempt to steal the energy of another to make up for the shortfall in their own energy field. This explains why many feel drained in the workplace. It almost feels that some can send out tentacles from the most greedy octopus to drain your energy.

These are not energy vampires in the true sense because they do this unconscious of their acts without awareness of their energy stealing actions. Yet the result is the same. You feel drained from being around them. A shopping center is such a dangerous place for a psychic!

Methods to Raise Energy

Years ago, being the year 1998, I studied many different disciplines. Among them were the Asian martial arts of tai chi, wing chun, and tae kwon do. Hatha yoga was a big one as well as dance before that.

These graceful physical pursuits require large amounts of energy. In the beginning of my quest for energy one of the most effective techniques I used was to raise my energy level by consuming various foods that were nutrient dense. Being in tune with my body, thanks to my experience with the varied disciplines mentioned above, I very soon noticed what foods offered positive energy and what did not.

Back in those days I harbored an unusual desire and that was to be the best at what I did. I realized food was a big answer to my puzzle in the quest for energy and back then I did not know where to start.

I began with zero knowledge. Yet the supple females in my yoga class were already in full lotus position and I considered my own hatha yoga performance , all of those years ago, way behind the eight ball.

The desire to be the best I could be stemmed more from expressing my own unique interpretation of yoga than to beat out any competition. I knew I could do better. I also knew there was a useful method out there that would allow me to do it. All I had to do was find it.

In the ways to gain positive energy you come to a critical stage. Something clicks inside of your brain and you begin to change your approach.

Your inner self talk sounds something like:

Yes, I can do better than this. There must be a better way. I am going to find it no matter what. I am going to release all of my past limitations. I am going to begin anew with a fresh and open minded outlook.

The above thought was pivotal in my quest for energy. All of the positive gains that follow stem from it. I was a man on a mission, back in 1998, and I began my quest with no help, no advice, and no idea what direction to take. In the beginning all I had was an intense desire to succeed. The funny thing is, this is enough to get you started on the right path.

All I knew was that I wanted to improve my energy levels. There are three main life areas to handle energy gain being the mind, the body, and the spirit. I was aware of the importance of all three areas where I was lacking knowledge and I decided to begin with the easiest and most obvious: the body and foods.

Positive Thinking Not Enough

In the old days I would often force myself to think positive and it didn’t work. It is hard to think positive when you feel negative.

I soon discovered my feelings were closely linked to my thoughts and how optimistic or pessimistic my thought patterns remained.

While pondering over this mind and body connection I remembered there was a juicer in the kitchen. I began to meditate on the fact that I always felt cool, calm, and refreshed after drinking a raw juice from the juicing machine.

I consciously, with keen deliberation, began to make raw vegetable juices each morning. I kept a diary and noted down my observations on energy levels, mental alertness, and how I generally felt. It was an adventurous time and I imagined what early explorers felt like when they discovered something new, adventurers the likes of Christopher Columbus and Captain James Cook coming to mind, and how these pioneers must have felt emotionally charged up while mapping out new lands. This pathway was totally new territory for me.

My raw juices were a mixture of carrot and celery both of these being among the most common vegetables available to me and bountiful in their supply.

As a result of my juicing I began to feel better and more alive. This gave me much delight as the first action I embarked upon was paying back rich dividends in the energy department.

Inspired by my early success I now had the motivation to cut out all refined and junk foods.

This was a big decision to make as I loved ice cream, chocolate, cakes and you name it! Yet my love for my energy quest was greater than my love for these refined foods and this gave me the strength to stick to my plan.

It might interest you to know that when I first began this positive energy quest I was working full time 9 to 5, while attending six yoga classes each week, and I was keeping a diary of my new found ( to me ) energy discoveries. My push into the unknown was on big time.

In point form this was where I was at:
1. Raw foods. Mostly consumed from vegetable juices.

2. Cut out all refined and processed foods.

3. Began to research the confusing field of food supplements.

4. Aware of other energy pathways such as breathing exercises in yoga, or pranayama, and methods of drawing energy from nature as in chi kung. Yet I remained 100% focused on food pathways for the time being as I had major research to do in some important areas. I wanted to have a keen understanding on these first before I ventured into other more esoteric fields.

My energy levels, from lots of raw foods and from cutting out all of the junk foods, boosted me to a much higher rank in yoga class.

I noticed I could hold the yoga postures for longer periods. I felt strong. Energized. My recovery time shortened. Muscle soreness decreased. My energy quest had its first major success.

A part of my quest for knowledge, which continues to this day, is to observe those who have not the energy they desire and to work out why they are in this depleted condition.

There are so many interesting people to meet, and places to see, and activities to do in life it can only be one big and fascinating journey. To travel this journey, and to enjoy it, we need to have the ticket of positive energy.

Supermarkets provide me with lots of entertainment. Peering into the trolleys before the checkout lady rings up the grocery prices I see bottles of soft drinks, over processed biscuits, cakes and candy bars, and I feel like going up to the person and shouting, ” Do you know what this junk is doing to your body?”

These are my thoughts and then I pause. This is exactly how I used to eat before I embarked upon my quest for energy. The more people who make wholesome food choices the greater the food change we will all see towards healthier and organic natural foods. It is a choice.

The body posture tells you a lot about a person. The way they carry their head, and if there is a droop in their shoulders, yes it all tells a story about how they feel and what was experienced in the life pattern.

Marks on the face also tell you a lot about the person, and face readings is an art just like palmistry, and facial marks reveals much about the inner feelings and thoughts.

One interesting characteristic I have noticed with people is the way they stand when chatting with you.

If the person chatting with you is standing square on, in front of you, with relaxed shoulders the information they offer is generally true, useful, and open. If the person speaking to you takes an angle stance with their body, showing you one shoulder and hiding the other shoulder, their intention is to not trust you, to hide most of the good information from you, and to only offer you crumbs, so to speak, of what they know. You will seldom get any useful information from such an individual.

Positive Energy Quantum Leap

Being happy with my overall positive energy plan so far I respected the gains I achieved yet deep inside I felt something was seriously wrong.

I was doing a lot of work, in the sense that juicing, working full time, attending lots of yoga classes, giving up social functions, and concentrating on my energy quest was work, a fun kind of work, yet something was missing and I could not place my finger on it.

Something was amiss but what? Finally it dawned on me that my energy was only at a certain level, and for all of the effort and input I had given it should be much, much, more.

My total energy had increased greatly although it was still not a true reflection of what I wanted, what I was capable of, and what I instinctively felt available.

It turned out, as future events showed, my gut feeling was correct.

I meditated fiercely on this problem. I prayed on it. I went to bed at night asking my subconscious to spit out the information I so desperately wanted.

Weeks went past. Nothing. A mind, body, and spirit festival happened to be on one particular weekend. I decided to pay the festival a visit.

At the mind, body, and spirit festival I met a man who provided me with the missing link I was after. It gave my physical energy what I was searching for: A quantum leap forward into the realm of positive energy.

In a nutshell here is the pathway, using natural foods, that contributed to my quantum leap:

1. Consume a green organic food daily. Green barley, spirulina, and wheat grass are examples of green nutrient rich foods.

2. Use colloidal minerals in liquid form.

3. I discovered a pre-digested green drink made from wheat grass. I consumed this before yoga class for my body’s ability to digest it quickly. It gave an instant and sustained energy lift.

4. Include omega 3 fatty oils into diet.

5. Kept my raw juicing going at the same time I introduced the extra organic foods.

The above list is the result of a lot of planning, trial and error, and experimentation on my part. Over a period of around six months using my body as a laboratory I tested and worked on the natural foods and my personal mind, body, and spirit response to them. Granted this pathway is not for everyone and at the time I found these foods above useful. I continue to eat these food today.

In Get Positive Energy: Part Two I explain how I continue my quest for energy.

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