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If YOU want a Psychic Reading that is ACCURATE, genuine, and shows you the TRUTH look no further! You can ask ANY question in the world and I will answer if for you.

Psychic Jim Cassa is accurate , real, and GENUINE. Jim is the International Clairvoyant who offers worldwide readings. Take your time and check out the happy people who have already experienced Jim’s readings.

Psychic Testimonial

Jim is real and has spot on psychic reading accuracy.

I liked his keen clairvoyant insight and the creative solutions he offered during the reading.

I trust Jim’s psychic observations.

Sarah Layton Certified Practitioner

Psychic Testimonial

Jim has become one of my trusted advisors and I have contacted him on numerous occasions for a phone reading or email.

Jim is amazingly gifted and accurate, he answers my questions with honesty and compassion.

He goes out of his way to help you and speaks from his heart. Would highly recommend Jim.


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Testimonials Jim Cassa Psychic Readings

TANYA, 26 February 2012, Melbourne, Australia.

TANYA, Melbourne Australia.
Having previously met with Jim, I knew him to a be a compassionate, generous and respectful reader. By that, I mean he had honoured what I had requested for the reading, offered much more than was expected or required and emparted his insights for me and my life with a deep sense of empathy. Jim has a very upbeat energy and makes me feel enthusiastic about my personal dreams, goals, and challenges. Jim is a very knowledgeable person on spiritual matters and a great person with which to discuss any general ideas or questions. Thanks Jim.

MARIA G, St Mary’s New South Wales, Australia.

Very honest messages and guidance, Jim is accurate, and is understanding with a pleasant approach. Jim knows a lot about how to block negative energy in your life, and offered keen insights into a relationship issue.

DAVID, Melbourne, Australia.

Jim is perceptive, he gives advice that guides your soul.

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If you are going to use a READING to discover information it is a good idea to know the following psychic reading steps. A clear path is always best and will ease your mind giving you insight and show you where your optimum energy is going to be.

Many make use of psychic readings to control the future. You have a choice in life. This includes travel overseas, love and romance, how to change career successfully, how to have a happy family home, and clear away the negative energy of the past.

A psychic reading is a personal growth tool where you have the clairvoyant insight of the psychic at your disposal.

Good psychics always welcome your calls and offer you respect and honesty in the clairvoyance session. During a phone reading have positive expectations that ALL of your questions will be answered.

Here are some questions that people ask of psychic readers: >>>

Q: Should I travel overseas and pursue my career in another country?
Q: Does my Grandfather who has passed have any spirit messages?
Q: When will I find my soul mate?
Q: I lost my diamond ring, can you tell me where it is?
Q: Is the current career the best one I can undertake on all levels?
Q: Is it in my interest for me to move into another house?
Q: My apartment seems infected by the presence of a ghost, is there anything I can do about it?
Q: My Ex Boyfriend keeps ringing me, what does he want?
Q: Does he love me? Tell me, YES/NO?
Q: I went for a job interview, will I get it? YES/NO?
Q: Is it safe to fly overseas? YES/NO?

So you have a lot of power in the type of psychic questions you want to ask. You can pick and chose how you REALLY want to live your life.

We all have free will and it is up to you to use it. If you expect detailed psychic information look no further!

Accurate questions lead to your empowerment. Good clairvoyants have respect for you and your energy. What is the point of being accurate and getting a lot of psychic “hits” if there is a lack of care and compassion for you? A healthy respect increases the flow of energy towards you and empowers your mind, body, and spirit connection.

Simply by the sound of voice tone you can tell if people have a deep inner sense of respect or not. It isn’t rocket science , simply common sense. Everyone is unique, their situations different, and this human quality is the most important for an accurate psychic reading to take place.

Ask if the one who you seek answers from is generous with his time. Good ones are only as good as the service they offer.

You will find a minimum of FIVE PSYCHIC questions a good number to ask, this will power you towards a lot of correct clairvoyant answers. The world we live in has so many twists and turns you need around five questions to give you some kind of solid base to work from.

Five answers to what you really want to know gives you a chance to ask some VERY deep questions.

Expert psychic readers have your back covered, and care about the kind of spirit information they give out. You will be able to sense this. Simply ask around in your community if anyone knows a good clairvoyant. Feel the energy and make your own decision.


We all have gifts inside. Some of us are fortunate and we make it to adulthood and remember how to apply our gifts. Daily life then becomes fun.

Many of us are not so fortunate and from a happy childhood we turn into bitter Big People, that is adults. But how did this come about? Let’s see…

We begin our lives as children with a clean slate. We are open to outside impressions, like a kitten we soak up all of the information around us both good and bad.

A young one will notice certain talents and skills inborn. For example the ability to draw comes naturally , but the parent discourages this skill and tries to steer the child towards being a Doctor or Engineer. Not that there is anything wrong with these professions.

Yet there is something wrong with being FORCED down a path against the nature of the child. A part of the inner child dies in the process.

Now if this is getting a bit heavy for you HOLD on!

YOU know we all have some kind of energy Blockages we carry into our twenties and thirties. If we fail to release these energy blockages we carry the negative emotions with us and this drags us down.

If you are going to use your inner gifts it has to be built upon positive information streams, not negative ones. This is applied wisdom and for life to go well you can use this principle.

Keep in mind that positive acts give you energy, negative ones drain energy. If we are to do more activity it makes sense to stop all energy leaks and to work upon positive acts that help us.

A real psychic reading can show you where these energy blocks are inside of you. Once you remove them you will find that your life will flow much easier.

This bit of information might surprise you , yet it is one of the most spiritual acts you can do.

It is hard to be happy without some kind of health around us. In order to make use of our inner gifts it helps to live a healthy lifestyle.

You have all kinds of barriers working against the harmony of body and mind. The stress of modern living depletes us, poor nutrition works against us, and negative friends who pull you down all contribute to a never ending downward energy spiral.

It is hard to be healthy these days. It requires work, effort , and for one to be conscious of our choices. We have a body, mind, and a spirit. Each one of the three parts is as essential as the other.

If you take care of the body it will take care of you, and allow you to develop your mind and spirit to a higher level. It is an aim worth striving for. It is hard to be creative with a low energy level. A balance of all three parts being the mind, the body, and the spirit will bring one into a more harmonious level of happiness and well being.

If you have a lot of negative energy in your life right now this is one of my niche areas to work with YOU! Psychic readings will show you how.

How to block negative energy, and how to manage it, and to release inner blocks is , I am happy to say, is what psychic Jim Cassa is all about. I can show you how to release negative energy, just like I did in my personal life.

William Blake once said the mind can make a hell out from heaven, a heaven from hell. Poetic and truthful if you understand its deeper meaning. If you want to transform your life the essential skill is to learn how to transmute negative energy into positive.

I can show you how in a psychic phone reading. Once I explain the method to you , all covered in one simple psychic phone call, you will get it! A happy lifestyle is a combination of evenness between the body, mind, and spirit. Once these three parts are balanced inner gifts begin to shine and you can do more.


You know YOU can make the world a better place. Simply be be your best self. That is all you have to do.

Perhaps you are a student, a mother with a busy family, or maybe your are a corporate professional. The more you elevate yourself the more we all benefit.

In the East , on the border of Tibet and India, there are ashrams of pure people who elevate the environment by their presence.

You can raise the energy in your environment by allowing your light to shine.

Anyone can shine, the only requirement is that you are a human being. A positive outlook on life brings much opportunity and a way to steer your destiny in the direction you want. A personality characteristic I notice with those who emit light is they have a willingness to share information and to communicate for the benefit of others.

It is natural to seek a better life. If you feel a psychic reading will help I , the author of this article named Jim Cassa , welcomes your energy for a clairvoyant phone call.

Did you know that the consciousness of the planet is evolving? The earth is growing its awareness and we can assist here in this planetary transition.

If you are on the internet shine your light by promoting positive messages. Social media is a great way to promote good energy. Stay clear of cyber bullying and slandering others. This is a game for losers. Only positive communication can spread the light.

Anyone can talk the talk, few walk the walk. Intellectual philosophers speak well but the real core of any person is in their actions. Someone can talk about spirituality but it is far better to live it.

Interest in the New Age is popular and this is a good sign. You have words like tarot card readings, astrology, numerology, seer clairvoyance, open the third eye, psychic predictions, past life readings, and psychic mediumship. All are fascinating in their own way.

What I show people is how to develop their intuition. You can do this if you work at it. Constructive acts define a person’s character. This applies whether it is of a personal growth nature or otherwise.

In order to learn how to shine your light it is your personal habits who define who you really are. Those who shine often enjoy meditation and prayer. These respectful ones know their lives are influenced by their thoughts.

They are careful what they expose their minds and have a deep reverence for their mind, body, and spirit energy. In this kind of lifestyle your personal development can only skyrocket.

So be your best at all times and treat yourself well. Value your own energy, it is a good personal development motto.

There are various methods of personal development and this includes tarot card readings, meditation, working to be of service for others, and being YOU.

Remember this fact. Inner expansion naturally leads to expansion in the outer world and environment.

So shine your light upon yourself and other people. Live the best way you can. This is the path of Empowerment that lets your light shine.


Here is a helpful way to plan your psychic reading questions few know about. This method adds a lot of power to your reading and so you get more from it.

Go into a quiet room and concentrate on your crown chakra. Ask the universe , your spirit, guides, or whoever you communicate with on the higher realms what are the the most important lessons in life for you to know at this point in your life.

The position of the crown chakra, just checking in case you forgot, is at the top of the head being the highest point on the scalp and spreading around the entire crown. There is a celestial connection at this point and it is where we get spirit messages, intuitions, promptings and feelings about what to do next.

It works better if you are calm and centered. Your attitude counts for much as this creates a positive energy field around you that lets you sense better. Yes, some even call this the sixth sense method. There are many factors around us which influence our energy. The point being we work at being as receptive as possible.

Stress and a hectic lifestyle clog the energy of the crown chakra. This makes it harder to receive psychic input, let alone intuition. But you can clear it.

In my psychic coaching sessions on the phone I show people how to do just this.

Spirit messages are pure downloads that empower you. It could be a message to perform a certain act, or to adjust a particular habit. Nevertheless, these downloads can only empower us. The more you have clean up your life the closer to spirit you become.

You are entitled to the most accurate meaning to your clairvoyant questions. Fear should be absent as you want to clear all channels of negative energy.

Your best bet is to dig deep and hold nothing back from the reader. Just go for it. Your growth depends on the effort you make. Your effort let you be of service to the world.

Have respect for yourself, if your pride has been hurt in the past so what? Move on and gain new experiences!

And keep the keyword INTENTION alongside you at all times. Create as much uplifting energy as you can and watch it come back to you. It is the intention that is the key to successful readings. The inner you knows what is best. Once you make up your mind to follow this path blessings and good fortune are often the result.

Plan what you are going to ask your clairvoyant, and let the magic happen.


You know every human being walking on earth has intuition which is an inner sense that picks up information about the outside world.

We have all experienced coincidence, telepathy, and a sixth sense often without calling it by these names. All a good psychic does is to take it to the next level and provides practical solutions that work int the real world.

There is a lot to this.

You have numerology, astrology, runes, and tarot card readings. Clairvoyance and tea leaf readings. This is just for starters!

Yes, many of us have experienced some part of the paranormal and have been stunned by it. The experience is awesome when it happens to you. You will never forget it.

The logical mind , which is the part of us that society makes use of, fights with refusal to accept such a fact that the paranormal exists. Yet out of the box experiences occur everyday.

Lots of paranormal insights have been reported by people from all over the world. Ever since the days of ancient Egypt the paranormal has fascinated many. Let us take telepathy for example.

First let us talk about what telepathy means. It is the communication between two minds without any aid from outside sources. Mind to mind communication is without the phone, email, or fax! How good is that?

A lot of research has been conducted on telepathy. A fact is the unexplained is a part of the human condition.

Here is how I started in telepathy. Many feel that telepathic communication is something out of science fiction, but it happens on a daily basis. I like to journal my mystical and unexplained experiences and use them later for reference.

A visit from my relatives proved the catalyst for this telepathic experience. Cousins paid me a visit one weekend many years ago. These are among my favorites, since we all got along so well without friction like you have in many family situations.

The atmosphere was lighthearted and the conversation casual and fun. The discussion soon became quite animated. During our conversation my mind began to drift to an incident that occurred over twenty years ago.

This deep memory was no way related to the current conversation whatsoever nor did I give any indication I was thinking about it.

The incident from memory was about a serious accident I experienced while still young. The accident was painful and caused a lot of blood loss. No mention was made of the childhood accident during our conversation.

Out of nowhere my relative starts talking about this VERY ACCIDENT that happened over twenty years ago without any prompting or suggestion. Did my cousin telepathically reach into my mind and tap into my inner childhood memory of the accident? It is possible.

Try it yourself sometime. Have some friends around you. Enter a focused mental state. Concentrate and visualize upon your ONE focused thought. Now note if anyone around you picks up your perceptions.You have to shut out all other thoughts and really concentrate. Give it a go. It is called your own do it yourself telepathy experiment!


Have you ever thought about how much negative energy is around you on a daily basis?

Do you want to learn how to limit and in some instances TOTALLY block the negative energy you encounter in day to day living? If yes, then read on!

It makes sense the more negative energy present in our lives the less we can do, while at the same time the more positive energy around you the more you can explore your opportunity.

Here is the problem >>> It is common to find negative energy in our friends and the outside world. There are offices and work locations with bad vibes. We have the extra challenge of carrying blockages within and these limit our growth.

There are toxic people in this world. They bring you down and wish to drag you to their level. Forget it as their path is all downhill. Failure is not an option. You will be wise to make this affirmation your mantra! Toxic ones infect you with dark energy and it makes you think negative thoughts. It is a serious problem all people have who are trying to improve their lives.

You can become a bit of an expert in dealing with this malicious energy. Once you know a bit more about it you can become empowered.

On your life journey it will be a big help if you can identify and remove negative energies.

So through pain and bitter struggle we grow into fine people, upstanding men and women, who contribute to our families and community. In the new age scene some folks who call themselves lightworkers refuse to believe in the dark and ugly. Only by challenges and efforts can we grow and overcome the many obstacles in front of us.

They say all you need to do is think positive and things will work out all right. But it is hard to think positive when you have no job and no money and those around you are enjoying life. The less resources at your disposal the more downtrodden and disheartened you are.

The only way to ascend is by inner spiritual growth and by personal efforts. You can find out the truth simply by your own efforts.

Crystals work to block negative energy. If you are persistent enough to phone me I can tell you which ones work, and what ones do not. Shamans call crystals power stones because they have a unique energy signature of their own. Crystals have an inner intelligence few understand.

This is all about empowering ourselves. One way to stop negative experiences from happening to you is to process the negative emotions inside of YOU. It is called dealing with you stuff. It works. Though you will need outside help to do this because most of us are blind to our inner faults and weaknesses. It is these negative emotions that are bringing the dark energy to you.

Anger is the most destructive emotion around. It can only bring your more suffering and does you no good. In your journey on how to stop negative energy you will find dropping anger one of your best methods, though by no means easy, giving you rapid results on your pathway of solving your negative energy blocks.

A psychic reading is an accurate way to receive validation on something you know in your heart to be true but you are not sure. It does, in a sense, confirm what you already know. My phone psychic methods read the energy in the situation and often this energy is the one the caller has been feeling all along.

The use of psychics is an alternative method of gathering information about a life situation which allows you more options. Choice is empowerment. Life is not simple. It is full of twists, deep ravines, and perilous mountain tops in the areas of romance, career, and how to live better. Someone once said life was not meant to be easy but I prefer to think of life as full of joy albeit with many heroic challenges along the way.


Career change is booming these days. There are many good reasons for it.

Perhaps you are sick of your old job, maybe the boss is giving you the creeps, or you are in search of better pay and conditions. It is possible you are growing and the same old same old is unable to offer you job satisfaction.

These days strong and intelligent women and men seek career change. A job you love to do is preferable. Do you enjoy your work? If not do not worry because change is possible, especially in this climate.

Work enjoyment is important for the soul. Work done with pleasure gives you energy. This is the way it should be.

More people these days demand career change. It is a major trend in the workforce.

A real psychic reading will give your insight into career change. Ask your reader what career is best, which one suits your temperament and personality, and where is the best opportunity for you?

Honest clairvoyants will be happy to explain this in an easy to understand way. It is good to ask about five questions or more during your reading. This will give you a lot of valid answers and provide much information that is fresh.

It is important to understand that job satisfaction is one of the key life areas we ALL need to get a handle on. Whether you have a soul satisfying job or not is going to influence the quality and quantity of resources around you. It is your satisfaction in work you enjoy that makes life worth living.

One of the most tragic situations in the world is to HATE your job. If you find yourself in this position plan to get out from it. You simply lose a lot, and pay a great price on many levels if you hate your job. Some work environments are negative and you will do well to get out of there.

Successful career change is going to add many positives to your life. You know if you want something better and wish to change do it NOW!!! I encourage you to go for it, if I can help YOU with psychic reading insight on career change you are welcome to call the psychic hotline >>>

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Do you want to know more about the psychic Jim Cassa journey? Do you want to know about my REAL clairvoyant background?

My personal development path began a long time ago when I was fifteen years of age. If you want to know more about psychic clairvoyant Jim read on!

I am going to reveal to you a lot about my past. In order to achieve this I have to go back in time and dig deep into the memory banks of my childhood years.

After reading this you will gain a lot more information about who Jim really is and it is for you to decide and make up your opinion.

In my spiritual quest for knowledge and wisdom I found myself living in a large Ashram at the age of fifteen years. The ashram location is in Australia and it is going strong up to the present day. Those in charge of the ashram are what could be considered monks.

The monks wear bright orange robes and these are the spiritual guides for the entire community. They remind one of Tibetan monks who live a secluded life in the Himalayan mountains.

It was my decision to go and live in the ashram, it upset my parents very much at the time, and for a fifteen year old it was a life changing experience. But I am getting a little ahead of myself.

It is a different path from the norm. Before I tell you more and how I ended up living there I need to fill in some blanks about my life prior to this life changing experience.

We need to go back in time. Back a little more all the way down to my childhood years.

The early Jim Cassa years will give you more insight into who I am and the kind of spiritual energy I represent. You will understand a little better why I do psychic readings for a living. You will know where I come from, so to speak, and the progression of a soul purpose that empowers.

My parents were urban dwellers. Hardworking middle class you might say. Both Mum and Dad did their best with what they had at the time. I grew up in a comfortable home much like any other normal kid. It was a middle of the road everyday upbringing. I remember in grade school enjoying the childhood process of transformation and doing my best, at the time, to please my parents and teachers. It was a comfortable childhood.

During youth you absorb into yourself ALL of the negative and positive energies of your parents. The positive influences are fine. It is the negative ones that create so much hassle for us later on in our lives.

We carry this concentrated form of negative energy into our adult years. Unless we learn to release energy blockages by some kind of personal growth method we are in trouble. Most of the time we are unaware we have these inner energy blocks.

A chaotic childhood experience leaves a deep impact upon you. It is tough when young to deal with it. Dealing with terrible childhood experiences only comes in adult years.

Grown ups carry a distinctive kind of energy with them everywhere they go. Children absorb this energy into their being.

This next bit explains about the spiritual imprints upon children.

Sometimes it is easy to ridicule the feeling of energy, what is called your intuition, because you cannot see this energy. I do not care what people think and I put things out on my web presence and if anyone wants to accept or reject it then it is their choice. Positive energy, or negative energy, is passed onto the children and one of the key ways children learn is through imitation.

Children come from a very pure dimension before they are born. There is zero restriction or limits placed upon the soul before birth. After the soul is birthed into a physical body you are lumped with a myriad of physical laws, limitations, and restrictions you never had before in the spirit realm.

A lot of the spiritual methods I use today deal with the removal of negative energy accumulated in childhood. You can transform yourself into a better person by a process transmutation. More about this later.

Our present influences come from parents, schooling, and whatever is happening in the environment. We all absorb this energy coming from the thoughts and actions of the previous generation. Being aware of it is the first step towards getting your life back.

There are people walking upon the earth plane who have the same restrictions you have. It is the interaction with others that leads to clashes and conflict. This creates suffering and unhappiness.

During my childhood years I discovered something alarming. I closely watched the adults I encountered. It seemed to me that many lived superficial lives and acted very much like they were lost on a desert island. Like grooves in the old style vinyl records they were living their lives going around and around in senseless actions. Somehow they had fallen into a trap and found it difficult to get out.

It is the lack of awareness that leads to mechanical like actions. Reaction is the action of stimulus response. There is a lot of action based on reaction in this society. It makes you think , did someone dumb down this planet or what? Fear drives a lot of what we do.

I learned to love to read while quite young. My father would order a small bundle of books by mail order every month and they were delivered to our mailbox. I knew what the package looked like by sight and I would run to the letterbox to retrieve this bundle.

Books were gems and they ruled my world.

New books were one of the highlights of my childhood and did much to develop my independent thinking skills I later used to successfully deprogram myself, and others who asked, to release the negative conditioning and energy blocks while growing into a young man.

When you go into the mind, body , and spirit methods available you have millions to chose from. There is NLP, yoga, psychic mediums, tarot card readings, numerology, runes, astrology, EFT, energy work and much more. If you are beginning it is easy to get confused.

My advice is to select one, or two at the most, modalities and get really good at them. There are a vast number of them so find what you enjoy and what works for you and focus until you become expert at it.

Here is the truth about service providers in the New Age. No one system of personal development has ever enlightened anyone 100% and if anyone tells you all you need is one new age modality, usually theirs, to solve all of life’s problems they are lying.

You require a multi tiered approach to become enlightened.

I have a lot of experience in the New Age mind, body, and spirit field working with therapists of other modalities. If you find a good one hold onto him. Talent is rare but it shines when you meet it and you will know about it when you do see it.

The best method is to find something that works and stick with it. Results in life means solving problems.

At ten years of age my father showed me his weekend newspapers. He used to buy four different brands of newspapers on the weekends. It was his end of the week ritual.

Early one morning Dad called out. He said my name was listed in the Saturday newspaper! This newspaper paid you for a witty saying, or a funny joke, or some kind of a short story. Weeks before I had submitted several short writing pieces to the newspaper and to my surprise one of them got published! I was amazed and excited at the same time.

I was a ten yer old kid and on top of the moon! I didn’t care about the money all I wanted was to see my writing in print.This was my first taste of getting published to a wider audience. I was on top of the world at ten years of age and a budding entrepreneur ready to take on the world!

The sad day arrived when Dad wanted to sell the family home. He wished to move to another suburb. It meant breaking the bonds of friendship I had established with a lot of my childhood friends. We were moving far away, I knew most of them I would never see again. This is heartbreaking for a kid. I was devastated.

I protested the house move but no one listens to a ten year old kid even if he does get published in one of the leading newspapers in the country. It did, like many of our life events which at first appear tragic, manage later to turn from rejection into a blessing in disguise.

I was born into Christian Orthodox religion. I required a new school to continue my education. My Dad scouted out all the schools in the local area. He wanted a top quality private school as nothing but the best for his son.

Personally I had already taken my personal growth into my own hands. I was delighted with my growing collection of books and magazines. A real treasure was my library card to the local community library with its thousands of books. I spent a lot of time there reading as it felt safe and nurturing.

But I still had the school problem. No school yet, and Dad was getting nervous. There was a private school Dad had in mind. It was a Catholic private school noted for its high academic standards.

I do not know how he did it but Dad managed to convince the Catholic clergy to accept me and it was settled. I was in. What followed, in the beginning of my private school education, included throwing water on my face, singing songs in Latin I did not understand, and watching how altar boys in class were granted special treatment. My second religion was Catholic, yes I had to convert, and I had not yet reached thirteen years of age yet!

Two years later at the ripe old age of fifteen I discovered Buddhism. I heard words and phrases like the Four Noble Truths, walk the middle way, be humble like water, and many others. This philosophy left a great impression on my mind.

I turned into a seeker after truth and at that time I felt the Buddhist way of living had many answers. Yes, by that time I was mature enough to choose my own religion and become a follower of the wise and famous Buddha himself. This gave me lots of confidence , because back then, around 1982, I was the only teenager doing it. Come to think of it now I was breaking new ground for teens!

Most of my friends were into chasing girls, wishing for a car, and listening to music. I was more interested in learning about Buddha and how he lived.

This early experience with so many different religions at such a young age did something wonderful for my mind and attitude towards others of a different religions and cultures. Much of the world makes use of religion for hate and division. ALL religions have value. This why I now have clients from every kind of religion from all over the world. We all get together and join forces to solve problems.

Basic thinking processes of the mind only use two possible outcomes. Yes and no, good and bad, right and wrong, but this style of thinking is very limited as it filters out a lot of information. It is the most basic of intellectual functions at the lower end of the spectrum.

Our interpretation of the world is our attempt to make sense from it.

One of the BEST actions you can make is to find YOUR soul purpose. Everyone has a purpose in life. This purpose is positive and empowering and brings light into the world. You have it within you, though it may be sleeping and you are unaware of its meaning. Yet soul purpose is soon forgotten and artificial goals take its place.

A clairvoyant skill called psychic profiling, I blast through the social mask people wear. I explain to you what the REAL individual is thinking and feeling. It is true in psychic readings you often find something is being stolen from you. We live in a real world and many treat us unkind.

The more you are in touch with the inner you the more effective and creative your actions will be. You can create what you want with the right methods.

I was desperate to find out more about Buddhism, so much so my future actions changed the rest of my life. The people around me knew nothing about it. I was feeling lost at this point in my journey because I had little idea of how to proceed to fulfill my quest. I was stuck at home, a fifteen year old teen, with no resources except a burning desire to find more spiritual knowledge.

Soon after this burning desire formulated within me, some called it madness, I achieved a breakthrough. One day I happened to be listening to the radio. A Buddhist monk was talking about her life on a ashram. She described what it was like living in a supportive community. My ears perked up.

She discussed such phrases like dharma, ashram community life, karma, reincarnation, and spiritual practice. I was fascinated. These were words that I did not at the time understand but I got excited.

While speaking, the monk resonated with a calmness that made a sense of peace come over my being. I knew deep in my being I had to visit this place, no matter what!

Here is what was said in a nutshell: A group of community people all living together in harmony. Meditation, spiritual lectures, and empowered living all working to help one another. This was indeed the answer to my prayers.

My parents were in shock with my decision to leave home. It was a 1,500 mile journey from where I lived. My parents begged me not to leave school but I was more stubborn than they.

One week later I arrived at the ashram and moved in for a four month period. What I did there , and the spiritual concepts I encountered, I am going to tell you about in another article. Suffice to say the entire experience changed my life!

You to talk about psychic love? You can call me. Career insight? Want to find out more about developing your intuition? I can do that. Absolutely free psychic readings are fine if you want something cheap and flimsy. But if you are after a quality reading, with someone of international psychic reputation, this is more in line with my psychic style.

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Accurate psychic phone readings are what I do yet lately more and more requests have been coming forward for face to face psychic readings. Which one is best? Both are good and it depends on what you want. You still get the same positive PSYCHIC energy with each one. For speed and convenience a phone reading is apt. If you have a couple of hours to invest in your own personal development then think about a face to face reading.

Privacy is important. I do a psychic READING with 110% confidentiality. No ifs and no buts. Psychic confidence is something to treasure and ti can only be earned if a clairvoyant respects your journey and is discreet.

Since I work alone no one else hears about, or needs to know, your confidential information. There is the advantage of calling upon a psychic who works alone. All of your information is private and treated with the utmost care and respect. You wouldn’t want it any other way. On this psychic reading website I share lots of information about many different psychic, metaphysical, and paranormal topics.

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Psychic Reading Styles

There are many different kinds of psychic reading styles. You have genuine clairvoyance and this is the psychic method I use. You have the tarot card reading, astrology, numerology, palmistry and psychic medium readings. All offer something different. I use ONLY the first name for a clairvoyant reading. Hey, we all have our psychic gifts! If you ant to have more description about my psychic method you are welcome to ask.

The one major happening on the globe right now is change. We have some major, MAJOR, changes going on right now on a personal level and on the international stage. On the personal front relationships are stressed like never before.

The energy of relationships is going through a big transition. Many people will chose to grow and become better while others will fall behind in their growth. We will demand MORE quality from our interpersonal relationships. Long term friendship and strong community bonds will become the norm.

There have been times in the past where we have been burned by relationships going wrong. We get hurt and the pain is killing our soul. Yet all is not lost, we can use the insight of experience and find the relationship that will work for us and give us a feeling of joy and contentment.

Career change will be big this year. Change is going to happen on two fronts. There is the global economic stage where more and more jobs will be cut due to the falling world market demand and this will reduce the standard of living of those affected. Next there is the personal growth of the individual who wants to live more of their higher values and these will quit their jobs and walk away. A career more soul satisfying is what they seek. We can handle change with enough of the right kind of energy!

Phone Psychic

It is true intuition is one of the most valuable qualities you can develop in this day and age. If your inner gut instinct, and your awareness, remains to be developed you can use the intuition of a psychic to work for you. This is why it is a good idea to work with a psychic and begin to develop a long term ongoing professional relationship over time.

A good psychic reader should always inspire and urge you on to do better. There is dream interpretation, tarot reading, and clairvoyance are some of the well known psychic skills. Accurate psychic readings should be caring, with lots of compassion, and show you lots of respect.

Clairvoyants can often tell a person is experiencing bad luck by what is viewed inside of the aura. The individual carries the bad luck with them just like you and I wear a garment. I takes time to change bad luck cycles but it can be done.

Psychic Reading Experts

If you are interested in a psychic program where you learn to develop your own inner psychic I have this for you. There are many psychic skills you can use at home. You will find a basic knowledge of clairvoyance a big help for love and romance, career, and all kinds of human relationships.

Intuition, what many call clairvoyance , can assist us in so many ways. This is why I have developed a training course that shows you how to develop your own inner psychic. Maybe you wish to do psychic readings like me for a living, maybe you do not, in either case an increase in perception is going to help you.

I understand you want the best psychic you can find. Someone who will give you accurate answers. Plus you should feel good after talking with your psychic. Do you feel energized? You should. Any clairvoyant worth his and her salt will know how to energize you simply by using their voice when you both engage in psychic phone chat.