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One of my biggest challenges during 2010 was to block the negative energy directed at me. I am going to reveal to you how I did this. Every human being on earth needs to know something about this vital subject. The more work you do upon yourself the more vibrant you become and this naturally attracts energy vampires to you. They seek to feast not upon your blood but on your energy.

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You need to know about the several areas where negative energy is directed at you. The first step is to identify the source of the energy drain. The next step is to neutralize the attack. Will you come along for an esoteric ride with me? Yes? Good !

Sources of Negative Energy

1. Other People. Not all people but many people are out to take your energy. I view the energy of the mind, body, and spirit as a part your life force and if you willingly give it to others that is fine. I mean if you give your ENERGY WILLINGLY with no strings attached this is your choice. When someone tries to steal it this is a big no no in my book. It happens all the time. It is often done in a stealthy way.

The energy that people emit from their aura is highly valued. Think of it as a valuable commodity like oil or gas let us say. Psychics prize this additional energy because it helps them to see better with their psychic sight. People will work hard to steal your energy make no mistake ! Many who first embark upon the spiritual path notice they have a massive amount of bad luck in the first six to twelve months of their spirit quest even though they live like saints. It is because as they gain more energy more foreign entities visit them to feast on their energy accumulation. You need to know how to protect yourself.

2. Buildings. There are buildings and skyscrapers in our modern society that are breeding grounds for negative energy. Anywhere you find lots of human emotion you will find such a place. The emotions of people are stored as imprints in the walls of the offices and you can feel this energy. It is very subtle. If there is a vast amount of negative emotion it begins to influence the atmosphere of the entire location as the build up of the cloud of negativity grows. You will find it hard to be positive in such a place.

3. Haunted Houses and Places of Debauch. Ghost tours, in my opinion, are a bad idea. Wish to save yourself from breakages in the energy field of your aura? Stay away from ghost ridden haunted mansions as these are dens for spirits of the negative kind. Here we begin to get a little more metaphysical as most people cannot see spirits. Sometimes you can feel the presence of another being around you and your feelings tell you something is amiss. There are other locations of depravity that give you the same trouble as haunted houses.

4. Ouija Board. Another energy source of the negative kind. Many play this silly game only to wind up with three or four years of bad luck soon afterwards. The explanation for this is the ouija board is a portal, a doorway, to another spirit world. It is a hell world. When you muck around with the ouija board you open the gateway and invite spirits of the lower kind into this world. Bad luck and misfortune are sure to follow. It takes a lot of work to get rid of this kind of negative energy.

Psychic Protection

On a simple level it is easy to understand the more positive energy we have the better life becomes, the more joy, and more fun we experience. Then the opposite applies. The more negative energy we experience the more pain, frustration, and agony we sustain. This simple look at life shows us an ancient truth that still applies today. We can use this information and expand upon it to empower ourselves even more.

Here are some tried an tested psychic protection methods you can use.

1. Black Tourmaline.
This ancient stone was used by the Druid priests to ward away evil spirits. Black tourmaline is a popular crystal to block negative energy. Those who are sensitive to energy notice the power inside the crystal the moment they pick it up. Keep it on your body for maximum effect. The black tourmaline crystal is an age old favorite against psychic attack. Crystals are not only rocks but they have an inner intelligence few know about or understand. I will say more about this in the future.

2. A Pure Heart.
This is the biggest factor that will assist you in staying calm and stress free when being drained by others. A pure heart is your best defense. It is true that evil people always end up destroying themselves in the end. Listen to your heart as it is always right. One of the best ways to stop negative experiences from happening to you is to process the negative emotions inside of your own being. It is these negative emotions that are bringing the dark energy to you. Negative energy needs something to feed from or it would not be around.

3. Water ( Shower and Bathing ).
It feels great to have shower at the end of a long hard day. A shower is often thought of as stimulating. Your energetic body receives a cleansing from the running water. You wash away a lot of the accumulated thought forms you pick up during the day. Bathing is popular and many use it to cleanse and purify.

4. Energy Balance.
If you are lucky enough to find someone to transfer positive energy to you, such as a shaman, you will find the increase in energy lets you remove many of the energy blocks you have built up over the years.
Energy blockages distort our balance and create many kinds of problems. Balancing your energy will give you a much needed lift.

5. Nature.
The beauty of nature speaks to our soul. Walks in nature are popular and energizing. I love to go out and be around trees and organic materials. I breath in the fresh air, walk on the grass, and take in the natural vibrations of the environment. It inspires me.

6. Animals.
By caring for animals we begin to open our hearts. Animals are pure in their love. Give positive energy of compassion towards them. Begin to care for animals. It helps your soul. Be gentle with them and show them some kindness. It comes back to you.

7. Personal Development.
There are some great personal development tools you can use. Meditation, subliminal CDs, and prayer work well. I can coach you over the phone if you wish to grow in personal development.

Psychic Reading Insights

How to block negative energy is well known to psychics. They are tools of the trade. A psychic medium does more than communicate with the dead. Allan Kardec in his spirit book proved this beyond any doubt. Often there are messages from the other side that can come through and this information can help us. We sometimes have messages for loved ones that have crossed in turn.

One of my visions showed me human beings are immortal although many of us run around scared stiff. We all have a lot of potential to do good and should concentrate on positive things in life. I admit it is hard to be positive when you are surrounded by bands of negative energy.

Everything seems to suffer from relationships to career, to following your dreams , to just plain living. You have to know something about negative energy in order to stop it.

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