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Psychic Reading

I caught sight of my psychic visitor upon her arrival at eleven a.m. one Saturday. She demanded an accurate face to face reading. I knew what was in store for me.

I have a metaphysical method where I listen to the problems of others and then transmute the energy inside the problem. Daily life is an enormous struggle for many and we need no political man to tell us about the rising cost of living and the pitiful few pennies left once the groceries are paid for. There was a time in Nazi Germany, in the 1930′s, where one thousand dollars bought you one loaf of bread. Inflation can be so cruel to the family budget. She called out to me brightly.

Psychic medium

“Hello Jim, I have been dying to meet you. Do you remember me? I called you for a psychic reading. I am enjoying your clairvoyant articles and I have decided to visit you.”

I offer Melbourne face to face psychic readings. I find them enjoyable. The key ingredient in any kind of psychic reading is to listen carefully to the problems of whoever sees you and then to transmute the heavy energy into something much lighter. You leave everyone feeling refreshed and uplifted.

This is one face to face reading I will never forget. The year was 2007, it was the month of December in the grip of Christmas fever, and I was living in one of the poorer suburbs of Melbourne. I had a delightful view of the cemetery next door. I am certain the astral bodies of the dead, that is the ghosts and spirits trapped upon the earth plane, experienced much delight in bothering my early morning meditation practice. It gives nasty spirits a kick when they disturb you. Enlightenment while living in a spiritually bankrupt society is such a challenge.

She had read an article of mine on black magic and desired to see me. It is easy to become an expert when so few people know about it. There is no university course for the study of black magic. If you gain some experience and suffer a few psychic blows from the odd black magician here and there you can promote yourself as a psychic white magic healer.

Back then I had many energy blocks about money and what to charge for my psychic services. These money blockages lay deep in the subconscious mind and few know how to go deep enough to remove internal subconscious energy blocks. I suppose my confidence level was quite low compared to what it is now and I had yet to learn how to receive money from the universe.

I was flattered she wanted to see me and had no idea what to charge her. That week was a hard one for me on the financial front as the demands of bills cleaned me out leaving me a total of twenty dollars that I somehow had to live one month on. Herbal tea and toast was about all my budget allowed for.

Many men have been allured by a pretty face and a voluptuous figure. It is attractive to the lower self. Once you are in tune with the higher self you see past all kinds of social masks and, even though you notice it, you are able to control your desires by becoming the observer. The mind can play such tricks upon us all. We end up the sucker if the higher self hands over control to the lower self.

“I have just spent a fortune on my Christmas shopping,” she said.
“Oh, all you are doing is treating yourself well,” I answered.
“I never spend much money, but I believe in spoiling myself with one nice dress. It is so good of you to see me on a Saturday afternoon. Are you busy?”

Busy? I had planned my time out beforehand. First by writing two articles for my website, one thousand words per article, and then working on my psychic development ebook. My creative projects required all day to complete. Upon seeing this woman all that went out the window.

“I plan to stay only a short while,” she continued, “unless you decide to keep me longer. I enjoy good conversation.”
My alarm bells went off. In any social situation you can tell a lot about people from the tone of voice and the cliches used in speech. Not planning to stay long often means your guest is going to stay a long, long time. Have you ever heard the phrase: I will call you? The phone call never happens because the one who said it really has no wish to call. Forcing energy into situations often pushes the opportunity away from us.

The wise sage has built his and her energy up to such a large level they have opportunities come to them instead of struggling to find them.

“I only have one question for you,” she proceeded.
“All right ,” I answered genuinely.
“Is my current partner really in love with me or only pretending?” she asked.
“A woman’s intuition is always right,” I replied in a diplomatic way, “Let me read the energy for you and see what spirit says about it.”
“I see,” she said, “I wish to become an empowered woman and you are the right psychic for the job.”

I entered my psychic state of being, of inner transformation, and began to probe for answers for her.

“Can you read my aura?” she burst out in the middle of my focused psychic concentration on spirit. “I have a burning desire to improve myself. I am such a fan of personal development.”

I humbly agreed to read her aura and it can be learned by anyone. All one needs to do is to lower the brainwave frequencies down to the delta level of consciousness of around 4 megahertz. This is the mind state where deep inner levels of consciousness are to be found.

“Speaking to you is so easy for me,” she went on ,”I think I will ask you one more question.”
Her one more psychic question was: How do I attract the right man into my life? This naturally led her to asking more questions such as how does one overcome emotional turmoil in relationships, and can you tell me what is coming, in the guise of love and romance, in the near future?

After being bombarded by psychic question after psychic question I turned pale. The hours were running past me like an Olympic athlete and I had all of my creative commitments yet to finish. She did not leave.

She talked about men and relationships and how every man needs female energy that only a woman can provide. I was wondering how to bill her for the psychic reading.

“Oh, I nearly forgot,” she burst out excitedly, “I have a laptop computer and I am going to film you so I have a record of all of my psychic questions.” She proudly showed her new laptop computer and busily went on setting it up to record my psychic answers.

My heart sank through to the soles of my feet. I was too shy to object, ” You are not going to put me on Youtube, are you ?” I asked, half nervous and half jokingly.

“Oh, no !” she replied. “You are a talented psychic and I wish to have a record of our important clairvoyant time together. You see, I only have one psychic question for you and all of my conversation is around men and women and their relationships , that is all. ”

I felt like my energy was being pillaged and raped. I looked at my clock. It was five p.m. in the afternoon. She used up six hours of my psychic time. Inwardly I decided to bill her $100 and leave it at that. I pulled out my receipt book and began writing her invoice. Upon seeing this she briskly stood up from her chair ,”I must go now,” she explained in a loud voice, “Do you know any fine restaurants around here? I am terribly hungry.”

A blank look came over her face, she gabbed her things, and quickly walked out of my clairvoyant room. My half finished invoice, which I now understood would never be paid for, was still resting on my lap. I walked her to the door and said goodbye.

“Such a great psychic reading Jim. I learned so much from you. I am now visiting the local ATM around the corner and shall return with your fee.” I never did see her again.

Nobody likes being used or abused. A funny feeling of intuition insight came over me to check out her immediate fate with the tarot cards. I picked up my tarot card pack and spread them out to see what they said about her future.

A tarot reading is an accurate divination tool. It can show you a true picture of one’s destiny if they are approached in a respectful manner. The style of tarot spread I use is called the Celtic Cross and I have had much psychic success with it.

I consider myself a spiritual person yet when viewing her future destiny the Tower card was displayed. The Tower card shows a tall castle like structure being hit by lightening and blown to bits. In practical terms it means an unexpected blow will come that is negative and damaging. As I looked at the card I experienced the full meaning of her shocking yet immediate karmic future. As hard as I tried to stop the smile from forming on my lips by viewing the destructive Tower card I could not do it.

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