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Psychic Reading

Here are some of my favorite psychic skills:

Tarot Cards. I like the tarot. These cards are great if you want to ask a specific question: Does my boyfriend love me? Is my new career the right one? for example. I find the card images to be very accurate and I use them in a unique way. The tarot cards are powerful because of the angel assistance you receive.

My tarot card experience began with face to face readings in cafes in the city though my primary psychic reading method is a natural clairvoyance. It works like this: I write the christian name of the seeker down onto a piece of clean paper, place the open palms of my hands over the paper in a hovering motion, and then proceed with the psychic reading. I close my eyes and see images, get feelings, and understandings to the psychic question. It works. I then communicate the messages to the seeker.

The challenge in a cafe is the client is often bored while waiting for the psychic answer. So I use the cards. Tarot cards were once large paintings, beautifully painted, and are now playing card size. The allegorical images give you and the seeker something nice to look and ponder upon. I soon found the tarot cards to be accurate and often match, that is give the same result as, my own natural clairvoyance answers.

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Natural Clairvoyance. This is my own psychic method I developed. I need a piece of paper , a pen, and your christian name. Then I can go ahead and do my psychic reading for you.

Astrology. This is a great fortune telling method if you get an expert to do it. Forget about the newspaper astrological predictions. To make astrology work you need an individual reading with someone who has a thorough knowledge of the zodiac and its constellations. There is no doubt that the heavenly bodies do exert a strong influence upon the destiny of humanity. I had my entire chart done and I was surprised how accurate it was to become.

Manifestation. I enjoyed it when the law of attraction was in vogue several years ago. The message given out back then was very watered down yet it had an inkling of truth in it. We really do become what we think about.

My work on thought forms shows as human beings having a spiritual experience we have god-like powers to create and manage physical matter. The thought must exist first if you wish to manifest something. Do you want the perfect partner? How about a great career? The idea has to exist first in the thought realm and only then does it manifest on the physical plane. This is the art of manifestation and how to make dreams real with thought forms.

Remote Viewing. If there is a flashy psychic technique it would have to be this one. Imagine closing your eyes, going into trance, a being able to tell what your cousin is doing who is on holiday in Europe while you are sipping a herbal tea while sitting in your study in Australia.

Remote viewing is a psychic method with many practical applications in the everyday world. If you have lost a personal item remote viewing is a great way to find it. It is like a psychic satellite navigation system that supplies hard to get information unavailable by normal means.

Telepathy. Lots of folks use telepathy is a very unconscious way. We pick up on the energies of others all of the time. Telepathy is the communication between two minds without any aid from outside sources.

Research shows the mind to be both a broadcasting and a receiving station. Imagine a radio signal being picked up by a receiver and what we hear is a catchy song on the radio. You can send telepathic thoughts into the minds of others with a strong mental force of will. Guard against thought intrusion from those who are good at this psychic invasion technique.

Chakra Energy System. We have energy vortices within the mind, emotional, and physical bodies and this is the chakra energy system. The third eye is a traditional psychic energy center. I prefer to use the heart chakra for my psychic work as I find it more reliable to tune into energy. If you wish to master metaphysical energy learning about the chakra system is the foundation upon which you build.

As far as psychic skills go the more light in the chakra system the more psychic you become. Shine bright is more than a nice thing to say to someone is has deep metaphysical meaning when working on harmony within the chakra energy system.

Visions. Psychic visions come to you, you don’t go to them. Often they are a reward for your dedication to the spiritual path and they give you an inner knowing about the world that is little known. Visions naturally lead to psychic predictions. It is a form of precognition where you are shown something that is going to happen in the future though you are able to view it now. It is a gift. I treasure all of my visions.

Psychic skills are many and varied and it pays to work with your own natural ability instead of jumping to the tune of other clairvoyants who make one form of divination popular. The other pointer is to get really good at one psychic technique instead of being kind of good at many methods. If you can apply a clairvoyant method to real life this is when the fun starts.

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