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Hello Melbourne,

Psychic Medium Real Accurate Genuine Jim Cassa

If you would like to meet a psychic in real life I would be delighted to see you. I invite you to check me out online, do a PSYCHIC JIM CASSA search and see what comes up and decide for yourself. I will be offering psychic readings in and around Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD.

It is nice to sit opposite someone and ask your metaphysical questions. Perhaps you wish for a reading. That is fine and we can do a clairvoyant reading while sipping a cafe latte in Melbourne’s swankiest coffee houses. I welcome all folks from all over to come and say hello. The Melbourne CBD is happening place with its international cuisine and culture. It would be great to meet you!

We need to arrange an appointment if we want to spend psychic time together. You can have a reading. You can ask me psychic questions. Perhaps there are some metaphysical questions you wish to ask me about my psychic articles.

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Call me on:

Australia: (03) 9793 3217
International +61 3 9793 3217