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I Manifest A Job Offer

Here is how I used only THOUGHT to manifest a job offer. My way of obtaining jobs and work, or as some call it wage slavery, is different to the mainstream. It is REVOLUTIONARY and radical in that very few know about this technique.

Australia Psychic Medium

My description of the Best job interview, from a PSYCHIC point of view, is that the boss or employer comes to you with respect and kindly asks YOU if you would like the position. It is a lot less stressful, that is for sure, than the traditional job hunting methods. But, hey, it works for me, and who can argue with that?

It is my GENUINE fortune to have offers come in now at the rate of at least one per week to work on psychic lines. These offers come from established companies all over the world. I am always grateful and respectful to any kind of business offer. I mention this because you also have the power of thought to manifest within you and can do GREAT things.

Now one evening it was a busy day, and sitting on my couch at home I closed my eyes and my mind began to drift. I went into a pleasant reverie.

In my mind’s eye I pictured myself working in one of Melbourne’s classy hotels, REAL classy, and saw myself offering psychic readings to Australia’s leading socialites. In my mental image I saw myself giving great psychic service. I under promised and over delivered. I gave lots of energy to my mind picture and visualized the hotel guests well satisfied with the reading.

All of the client’s questions were perfectly answered. The were 110% happy with the clairvoyant service rendered.

The management of the large international hotel chain was so happy with my psychic service they invited me back weekly. Such a pleasant environment to work for a psychic! Swish surroundings, international visitors, and polite co-workers. Sounds a like heaven.

I maintained the image for around 30 minutes then went back to my house chores.

Two days later I received a phone call: “Hello Mr Jim Cassa, our health clinic is looking for an accurate psychic, would you like to come and work for us?”

How they got my business card heaven knows! The universe works in mysterious ways.

A central theme of this psychic blog is that we are all Gods in the making. Though we have yet to acquire the power to create our own earth and moon like the ones we know we still have this DIVINE spark within. It is this divine spark that lets us create in god like fashion.

The meaning of the philosophical phrase: YOU ARE GOD is that all human beings have the spark of divine god force inside though on a much smaller scale than the original creator. We can all create nevertheless. We create with the energy of thought. Thought forms manifest sooner or later.

Who wants to attend a boring and stressful job interview anyway? Let the boss chase you, that’s my attitude!

Jim Cassa
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