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So what is a business psychic? Let me explain.

Any good psychic medium in Australia?

It amazes me, from the day I opened my doors to sell psychic readings on line, how many professionals seek out a psychic. Real estate agents, architects, graphic designers and business owners want psychic advice. How do I know this? Well, they are my clients , is how I know.

They do it in secret and a private reading should ALWAYS give privacy a high consideration. There a lots of GOOD reasons to keep a psychic reading private and confidential. In the real estate industry for example there may be some folks in the organization who are skeptical, even antagonistic, towards any kind of a psychic service. You want to keep this out of the box psychic information close to your chest.

However smart business only go by one rule. Does it make me money or not? If the answer is yes you are in, if not, you get the door to the highway!

Anyways I am currently working in the capacity as a PSYCHIC consultant with a real estate agent. I know, who would have thought? My close observations on the methods of this particular professional is that he already understands how to use his own intuition to a great degree. This explains why many of his business deals work our right. He knows before the project begins this is the right way to go.

This is my experience with MANY professionals from all walks of life. They have a keen understanding of listening to their intuitive voice and use it like a sixth sense. Yes, it is almost like professionals who have this capacity perform a mini psychic reading on their own business deals. They will never call it a reading, and use terms like ” trust my gut ” and ” the alarm bells went off ” which is common everyday language to explain the feeling of subtle energy.

The young real estate agent has a goal to own twenty properties inside of ten years. He is well on the way. And why not? Though it is not my ambition, I still respect his, and since he has hired my psychic services I can only be of service.

We worked closely together on a joint project and I got to know him well. The close proximity of our combined work environment let me observe his success habits closely.

He considers himself to be a very materialistic person. Though YES he is very much a material kind of guy I could not help but notice how many METAPHYSICAL techniques he was applying in his daily affairs:

1. This young man has lots of passion for real estate. You drive down the street with him and he begins pointing at houses and talking about the land size, market value, etc, and his passion shines through. I could feel the real estate vibe oozing from his pores I could tell he was in love with real estate.

Passion attracts. It brings joy to work. When YOU love something, be it a career or a person, you become magnetic by the energy you bring. Heck, his energy was so infectious I began thinking about real estate!

2. He has a high energy level. We live in a material world and for this we need a lot of energy. In our minds we think of something and the image appears in an instant. But in the material world it takes a lot of POWER to manifest the pure thought into physical form.

3. Clear direction. He knows where he is going. Knowing brings alignment of all the forces of the body and mind. Once the total human potential is aligned you cannot but help travel in the direction you have set for yourself.

Well, that is it for the business psychic and the real estate agent. So does business and psychics mix? Heck yes! They have since the time of Pharaoh and the ancient Egyptians, and they still mix well today!

Jim Cassa
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