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Psychic Visions

There are many weird and wonderful energies in the human experience. Psychic visions happen to many people. Often a vision brings you a hidden message from the universe that is meant only for YOU.

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Psychic visions occur without the faculty of sight, some call it a sixth sense, and they are a blessing because within the VISION is meaning and positive energy for you. The word vision comes from the Latin word viseo which means to see, and you do see though in this case it is with the non physical sight of the third eye.

Visions can be perceived as some kind of a dream or a fantasy. Yet for many they are more like inspired revelation of some important part of what is going on in life.

It was a PSYCHIC vision that called me to the career of giving psychic readings. The psychic reading career , or how I now make my living, came to me not me go to it! Strange how life works out sometimes.

Psychic visions offer you much knowing. Be grateful for when they come as they open up new doorways of understanding giving you increased awareness.

I like to talk about my PSYCHIC visions so you can be encouraged to have them for yourself in your own time.

When you experience something for YOURSELF you know, and no bickering or naysayers are going to change your mind once you KNOW.

Psychic visions are downloads from a higher celestial dimension. They represent TRUE knowing and can empower you. It gives you opportunity, more awareness, and better understanding. The more you raise your energy the more visions you will experience. A vision from the higher realm is a blessing.

You attract visions into your sphere of living. There is little deliberate seeking as they come to you when you need them. The information contained within them often sets you off onto a new path. You always know the difference between it and a dream. Real visionary capacity is associated with GENUINE knowing.

I would like to share some Jimmy Cassa visions with you:

In a very mystical Vision I met the Lady of the Lake of Avalon. Avalon was a sacred sanctuary for the people of Camelot. The Lady was full of LIGHT , she appeared to me as a beautiful Goddess, and dressed in white flowing robes. She had physical beauty and more than that there was a pure energy about her, very much child like in its purity, and she leaned towards me and whispered a spiritual message into my ear.

The Lady of the Lake vision represents the Goddess energy, the great and powerful inner female spirit, and all of us have it to some degree inside. The Goddess energy plays a huge part in my spiritual journey.

Next, I had a vision of a Druid wizard. He appeared holding a wooden staff and with white flowing beard he reminded me of the wise sage from the Lord of the Rings films. He invited me to sit at his stone table. He had a mischievous look in his eyes and generously asked, ” What makes you come here, and what do you seek?”

” Truth and wisdom ,” I replied , ” and to know myself. ” He walked me to a stack of old books piled up high and his bookshelf and ordered me to chose one. I selected a dusty covered volume. It was a hardcover book which looked as though it accumulated a century of dust upon its jacket. Carefully , with great expectations, I slowly opened its dusty cover.

Shown neatly in its pages were incantations and mantras, mystical symbols and alchemical formulas, and other bits and pieces from the ancients. The sage looked at me and smiled.

I felt the power of the ancient symbols in my hands. The Druid wizard stated at me for a long time. He looked amused at my surprised expression.

I looked back at the wizard and felt much unconditional love flowing from him. In his presence I experienced a lot of light energy. I was engulfed by it. I was at a loss for words and looked at him with a feeling of great reverence.

Psychic visions come to you once you make up your mind you are going to FIX your life once and for all. When one does come take time out to celebrate and to honour you journey. A vision will ONLY come to you if you a true to the inner light.

Jim Cassa
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