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What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is balance. It is harmony between the individual and the outside environment.

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Feng shui is all about flow. If struggle and hard times are the major component in living then one should study feng shui if one wants to travel the path of peace and flow.

The source of all energy flows in Feng shui is CHI. Chi means life energy. Often called universal energy chi is the all pervading life principle inside our bodies and outside in the environment. The alignment of these two major life energy forces creates either harmony or conflict. If we want to encourage good luck and prosperity we need to know something of cycles and how energy works.

When one is natural there is spontaneity, opportunity, and freedom from mechanical associations. A FENG shui home reflects this. It has an ideal balance of inner and outer forces of nature all working together.

Many different cultures and philosophies talk about life energy between human beings and the outside environment:

Chi: Life energy is called chi in Feng shui

Prana: In the Vedas the term prana is used to describe the creative life energy. Many devotees of yoga are familiar with this term.

Bio-energy: Vegans and raw food fans work at increasing the energy within the body-mind connection by eating food full of life force.

When all is said and done these descriptive labels all mean the same thing: life force. The fascinating fact about feng shui is that it states that buildings and locations have a life energy of their own that influences its human inhabitants. The western view is that a building is simply only a building. Feng shui says that it has a life all its own. This also applies to the office working environment and to the cemetery.

If the negative chi is melted away the positive chi flows more readily. This leads us to some principles that encourage the flow of positive feng shui.

Feng Shui Tips for Home

1. De-clutter the home. The removal of all clutter represents a sending away of all dead energy and chi draining spots. By removing all clutter and old inner debris a new space is made for fresh energy to flow into the room.

2. Use lots of natural substances inside the home. Stone statues, desktop water fountains, and crystals are examples of natural materials. These natural materials contain a life energy that synthetic substances lack.

3. Dedicate a room in the house to be a harmony room. This room pays respect to certain deities such as the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, the Goddess of Good Luck, and Earth and Wind Elementals.

You can also use this room for meditation and prayer as it has a calm energy that promotes these activities. A harmony room is a heart space.

4. A major principle of feng SHUI is that is pays attention to the outer world because it influences the inner world. The environment and images of the surrounding living area all create impressions on the human psyche. Peace in the environment brings peace to the mind.

The Tao Te Ching is the basis of Tao philosophy. The Tao is the path that is natural and the one that flows. The philosophy of the Tao encourages alignment with all that is natural. The I Ching known as the Book of Changes has major components of chi philosophy. Here we see Feng shui draw upon many powerful sources of wisdom that are thousands of years old.

What I like about this approach is that it treats the home much like a sacred space along with all of the family nurturing that goes with it. Feng shui office environments are becoming more popular as opportunity and positive energy are encouraged in the corporate sector.

The yin and yang understanding of energy makes up a major part of this wisdom. It states that all beings, living and non living materials , have some female energy and masculine energy as a part of their makeup. The yin energy is female, graceful, and soft. The yang energy is masculine, strong, and hard. These are the two polarities inside of all beings. The yin and yang opposing energies create the polarity shifts we see happen in the world around us.

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