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Demon Removal

There are many positive people and experiences we encounter on the earth plane. I live in Australia and I consider it one of the luckiest countries in the world. We have good infrastructure and a good economy.

There are brilliant spiritual adepts who live in Melbourne. One, who is a shaman, lives in the suburb next door. I find it very convenient to live in such a blessed locale and to have such shamanic experience at close proximity.

Psychic Medium Jim Cassa

The way to handle any kind of negative energy is to increase your positive energy so much the negative has little or no influence upon you. This is my basic approach and it has worked, and is working, for hundreds of people. You can use this basic principle when dealing with the office bully all the way up to demon removal and how to deal with negative spirits. Only the scale which is the magnitude of positive energy to WIN changes.

There are parts of the spirit world that are ugly and nasty. One such branch of the spirit realm is the negative energy created by foul entities. Let us call them demons. I would say that demon removal is about the biggest challenge one has to face and if you are in this unfortunate position you have my understanding and compassion.

Demon removal itself is nothing new. In the Bible it is recorded that Jesus cast out demons. Shamans do this kind of work all the time. It is a dangerous kind of work because the negative demon energy always tries to stop the person offering help to the demonized victim. It has the ability to drain others around and this is why the individual who acts as the host often finds himself with no friends.

In a nutshell these are the common forms of negative spirit infestation:

1. Haunted houses. Who has not heard of a haunted house? They are a part of our modern folklore. Space clearing and smudging come in handy in this situation. A ghost infested home has only one way to go, either the spirit entity is going to live there while the human inhabitants move out, or vice versa! Comfortable family living and spirit infested homes do not mix.

2. Possessed People. Hey it happens. The difference between a psychic attack and demon infestation is that the person who is suffering from the negative spirit already has his and her defense penetrated by the negative entity. Once inside it is very hard to get out, though it can be done.

Psychic attacks are energy pulses coming from the outside. You and your aura are a shield and the psychic energy works hard at wearing you down. Psychic attack is far easier to handle than possession. Possession is much, much harder. The strange and eerie experience about spirit infestation is that the poor soul who has been so infiltrated, in most cases, does not know he has the negative spirit inside him!

Demon removal is also known as exorcism. Remember the film the Exocist? There is a lot of truth in this film. The difficulty of removal is more that a mere story, it is the reality of the situation. Spirit release is tricky work.

Best to find someone who knows what they are doing. A shaman who knows his spirit wisdom stuff is a good choice. Spirit clearing takes a lot of knowledge and lot of emotional self control. Yet if one is determined , has a strong will, and willing to do what it takes then demon removal has a good chance to succeed.

Jim Cassa
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