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Psychic Words

Psychic words are ones that work on the mind , body , and spirit all at the same time. Their use has immense power.

Monks have achieved phenomenal states of deep concentration by repeating the words I AM silently to themselves while in a trance meditation. The words we use in everyday life can be used to heal or to harm others. Like a sharp sword words are often used to cut deep wounds and inflict emotional hurt upon other people.

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The psychic words and their energy can be used to empower. OM is a psychic word and it has a subtle energy that works on the inner consciousness. Creativity, concentration, and harmony can be repeated to oneself silently many times a day. Peace is a good one to use. The repetition of these words creates a vibration inside the aura which then begins to manifest through action.

The is why I want to throw away my TV. Upon close examination of the television shows most of the programs have a vocabulary of a low , dense, vibration and this can only way heavy on the individual watching it.

Every vowel and consonant we utter has a vibration and a frequency. I like to use words in a way that empower. How about you?

Much research has been done on the semantic front. NLP uses a lot of this transformational vocabulary. This work was researched by Mr Korzybski who found that the words we use influence human behavior. At the time of his discoveries his work was ground breaking and all about empowering human potential. What Mr Korzybski found was the quality of words determines much of our daily experience.

Us moderns have lost the power of metaphysical words. We say one thing, we tell something to a person, and then retract our intentions and twist the meaning of what has been said to fit in with our own ends that are convenient at the time.

Psychic words only work if the action is a match for the vocabulary that is used. If someone says they will meet you at 9am they should be there, on time, and respectful with a calm expectation of what both of your are about to create. You know when two people meet they join energy. This combined energy produces something different than what was before.

If someone promises you something, then they should give it. We all need to think carefully what effect our words have on the universe and other people around us and how our external vocabulary impacts others. When we speak to another we give them a psychic imprint. It is up to us if our words are going to lift them up or bury them.

Psychic words empower the user. It makes sense to use them.

Jim Cassa
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