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Psychic Love Answers

One of the most common psychic questions any clairvoyant gets are ones about boyfriends and girlfriends. Hey, love makes the world go around right?

Psychic Medium Jim Cassa

The beginning of a fresh new love relationship changes your life. When you are single life is a different ball game and that new boyfriend or girlfriend changes all that! Yes, a romantic partner brings a NEW changing energy to your world! Your universe is never the same.

When love goes well it is a blessing. When it goes bad, and it can go very bad, it feels like you are on the sinking ship like the Titanic and you are struggling to save yourself from all of the emotional drowning. But we all pay to be in a relationship. How? We pay in time, and energy, and in other ways and often our union with the boyfriend and girlfriend yields sweet fruits. Sometimes it backfires and we get our heart smashed to bits.

Who hasn’t felt the sting of a broken relationship? What irks me is when you invest lots of energy into a relationship and you get nothing back. If all you are getting is pain and anger then , hey, what is the point? Now more than ever before emotional calm is essential to keep around you. This is a changing word, you know, and we are seeing events never before seen, like the volcanic ash cloud over Australia.

What’s my view on boyfriends and girlfriends? In any psychic love answer this is the core of my message: If you are meant to be with a love partner you will be. Simple. If it is meant to happen it will happen. Sure, there is lots you can do to MAKE it happen. Underlying any kind of love is a mutual respect for each other, and blending of your talents, and more harmony than fighting. Do you want more psychic love answers?

What about when you lose a boyfriend or a girlfriend? A relationship breakup is the time to take it easy. A split drains you in the short term and it takes time to balance and integrate your energy again. Take your time and treat yourself well. This psychic love question is a real challenge and it has to approached with care and compassion. Life minus a loved one does strange things to you, hey, I have been there, we all have.

Yes, we want love to be bright, to work, and have a fairytale like feel to it all, sometimes it does, and feeling love for another human being does give you energy. It is when you get your heart broken that the energy drain kicks in. No matter what we all deserve to find a true love.

I believe it would be nice to find a real GENUINE love. Imagine finding a guy who cherishes your very existence? Or if you are male searching for that perfect love female match? We need more affection and warmth and this is what two people who work at a relationship have together.

If you value your personal journey you value the journey of others. Psychic love answers are what you get in a phone psychic reading. Would you like to have a psychic friend, one you can ring anytime, and receive accurate psychic answers?

If you are working hard at love your deserve to get it. Whether you have it or not at the moment is a different story. Maybe there is some kind of an energy block somewhere. No matter what , boyfriend or girlfriend, we ALL want something from a romantic partnership. If these wants are evenly spread, then all is fair and square in the love chair!

Jim Cassa
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