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Can Psychics Spot Love?

Can psychics spot love between two people? If we understand that love is an energy, and all that psychics do is read energy in people and life events, then the ANSWER is yes! The question is, how can we use this knowledge to find real love, genuine romance, and happiness?

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Love is an inner feeling, it comes from the inside, not the outside, and we project it towards the person we are in love. The one we love with FEELS this energy, of being wanted and cared for, and if there is a mutual attraction that exists shared by the couple things are good.

There has to be some kind of a magnetic attraction for a romance to begin. It is the spark that ignites the romance in the beginning. Without this chemistry between two people it is impossible for romance to flourish.

Having a crush on others is common. We keep the secret to ourselves. But we know how we feel about them, don’t we? Often someone will have a crush on you without you knowing about it. They are attracted to your talents and warm personality. Over time this develops and becomes stronger yet the crush remains a secret. It is best to be polite in all kinds of love situations. Handle other people’s feelings with care.

The emotions of people if hidden are hard to gauge. What are the true feelings buried beneath the surface? Imagine being able to read the hearts and minds of men and women, then you would know for sure, and life would be so much easier! If we want to take the crush to the next step and begin a romance it is possible, and if we have no interest in romance we can chose to leave it. Why does love and romance have to be so complicated!

Negativity projected from someone we love hurts. Harsh words hurt, and angry actions destroy, so what can we do about a LOVE mess? It is a good idea to treat yourself well, to look after your mind body, and spirit, because messy love drains your energy. Keep as positive as you can, I know it is hard, but the new opportunity to love will come again soon enough. After a massive heartbreak now is the time to go into heart repair mode.

If you are sensitive to the energy of others you can tell if they have some kind of a romantic feeling about you. It is lonely to be on your own. But sometimes it is best to wait, be patient and wait for the right one who complements you and your energy and who is a match for your spiritual path. Wouldn’t it be great if we could spot the perfect love match in the beginning of a relationship? Sure would save lots of headaches!

It is hard when you secretly like someone but find it difficult to tell them. Life is full of missed opportunity. If we only knew how to communicate our feelings love would have a greater chance to flow.

Can psychics spot love? The best psychic advice is to listen to your heart, not the head. What?! Sure, the head is cold, the heart is warm, and besides true attraction comes through the heart center. Psychics often tune into their own heart energy to get a sensing on objects. It feels like a tingling sensation.

I believe the main feeling we have about love is to be true to own own heart and desires. It is only when our own values are in place about love and romance when we can find it. Real genuine love feels good.

A psychic reading pinpoints the energy flowing between two people. It is an accurate way to read and explain the subtle energy flows. Being able to intuit the minds and hearts of others is a skill worth working for since you can tune into any kind of positive or negative energy and explain what you see. In this modern age it pays to be at least a little psychic.

Jim Cassa
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