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Psychic Medium

What Does a Psychic Medium Do?
A medium communicates with spirits and those who have crossed over. The medium then brings back messages of insight and wisdom that empower the individual.

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IMPORTANT Psychic Medium Fact >>> Spirits and those who have passed want to contact YOU a much as you want to contact them! There is a strong desire for clear communication from both sides.

At this point you may ask a Psychic question: If the desire is so strong for communication between both parties why the inability to communicate with spirits?

The answer is as follows: Human beings are spirits encased in a physical body. Spirits, the dead, and those on the other side are spiritual beings MINUS the physical body.

The difference in frequency and energy between the two make it EXTREMELY hard for clear and coherent communication to take place.

Enter the psychic medium. The medium is the guy or gal in the middle that acts as a go between and messenger to bring spirit guidance from the other side to the physical world. The job of the medium is to STEP UP their vibration and personal frequency to match that of pure spirit.

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How do you find a good psychic medium these days? If the internet is saturated with psychics and mediums all touting mediumship and the fine psychic reading skills they possess how do you tell which one is real, accurate , and genuine and know for sure? Call the Psychic Medium Line for fast answers!

Even though the psychic medium internet market is saturated the GOOD PSYCHIC MEDIUM readers are of high quality and deliver accurate online psychic readings. You want a reading that is going to work, right? If you follow your heart you will know if it is right for you. In our society we are trained to IGNORE our feelings of what is right and wrong, and the subtle energy of tuning in on people is lost.

If you speak with a medium for a minute or so and it FEELS right it generally is fine to go ahead with the reading. The other thing you can do is check up on the psychic skills of the reader. Genuine psychic mediums use what are called accurate DIVINATION methods. Here is a list to assist your search for a good psychic medium:

Clairsentience: Is the sixth sense ability to feel energy. Useful for psychic profiling and to work out if the situation is the right one for you. It is a bit like being able to see around the corners of life.

Past Life Readings: By viewing past life incarnations you can release a lot of the negative energy of past lives. A past life medium reading gives psychic insight into what you did in previous lifetimes. Naturally any kind of trapped energy released makes flow happen much easier.

Psychic Medium: Traditionally known as talking to the dead and receiving spirit messages. Those who have passed have a desire to communicate with the living and offer spirit messages, suggestions, and right course of action.

Tarot Card Readings: The tarot cards are a well known divination method. Very popular and some psychics mix natural born clairvoyance with the tarot cards. Love readings are high in demand, and I like the practical YES NO psychic technique that can answer any question in the universe. So far!

Spirit Energy: A good psychic medium has lots of spirit energy and this is expressed through various kinds of spiritual practices like meditation and the more esoteric kinds of spirit energy. Mediums and Angels is a special kind of reading that lets the medium be in touch with higher spiritual energies. Psychics encourage YOU to develop spiritual energy but they will never OFFER it to you until you ask for it, or if it comes up in a reading as told to the medium by spirit to pass it on to you.

One outstanding trait of all good psychic mediums is their ability to solve problems for the caller. Is my relative who passed over doing fine? Yes! How do I get rid of this negative energy around me? Do steps A plus B plus C! How do I begin to become more calm while living such a busy lifestyle? Follow this peaceful path…and so on! How is my Career Change going? The psychic medium world makes use of common sense and after all if it works for you isn’t this all that matters?

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Psychic Medium Hotline >>> AUSTRALIA (03) 9793 3217
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Here is my view on what to look for in a PSYCHIC MEDIUM. If I WAS SEARCHING for a good medium online here is the real medium deal! I spell out what to look for and offer my point of view on good mediums and genuine psychic readings online.

The phone psychic industry is expanding by leaps and bounds. Phone readings are popular and give the caller a chance to dip into the esoteric knowledge base of the psychic medium. There is a lot of choice online. You can still find a good psychic medium if you search for one.

The main thing to look for in phone medium readings is the psychic accuracy of the reader. In the world of online mediums to give accurate psychic answers is everything. Every reader online is unique and has the metaphysical skills to assist you on your journey. Allow me to explain what I would do if I was in search of a good medium.

I would look for a MEDIUM who could help me use more of my potential. Everyone has some kind of talent and in this case the psychic talent would be one that enabled the reader to release energy blocks deep in the subconscious mind. This is where ALL the negative programming resides and if change is going to happen this is the place where it begins. By tapping into the deep inner mind possibilities have more of a chance of transforming into probabilities.

I would be in search for a phone psychics reading that would help me create MY reality, not the reality of someone else. It would be a soul journey of HONOR, RESPECT, and INNER NURTURING. It is a pathway so uncommon today but one I chose to walk.

If you find the best phone medium readings online it simply means this >>> it is the best reading for YOU. It applies to you and your journey. Even though every human being comes from the same universal life force we are all different in nature , personality, and tastes. I want a medium who can empower my mind, body, and spirit journey. A psychic reading online MUST increase spiritual awareness.

Plus the factor of mind awareness is one that can assist you like no other. How do you think psychics give psychic predictions? It is all about mind awareness. We all have undiscovered powers within and a medium reading lets you harness it with laser like intensity. Untapped inner potential remains just that, UNTAPPED! As we begin to apply our inner gifts to the outside world our opportunities grow. In any kind of personal development the first step is to become aware of what you can do. Then you proceed to nurture and develop it by applying this skill to the outside world. Make sense? I hope so!

Do you wish for life to go in a certain direction? Why not! You are just as important as anyone else. Can you command the universe to obey? To a certain extent, YES, as human beings have free will and can chose. Our inner spirit have lots of energy and power. It is common sense to use ém!

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How Psychic Mediumship is Done
The psychic medium is able to raise their energy to the threshold level of being receptive to spirit messages from other realms.

A radio receives a signal from the ether. The radio signal is invisible yet it is picked up by the proper receiving equipment. Spirit messages are invisible, subtle, and often challenging to decipher. The art of the medium is being able to attune the inner station of the spiritual side and bring back spirit medium messages so they are clearly understood.

When to Call a Psychic Medium
We all have special occasions and life changing moments when a little extra guidance is needed. Mediums are called upon for many different reasons. Some of the main ones are the following:

* To get in touch with the LOVE energy of the one who has crossed.
* To tell them HOW you feel >>> Maybe you got caught up in the busyness of living and forgot to tell the one who crossed how much you care for them.
* To receive opinions on love, career, and lifestyle changes that empower.
* Seek specific answers to important questions.
* When you require spirit messages from the heart and desire guidance.

About Mediums
All mediumship needs to be treated with respect. Those who have crossed have left behind the physical body but they are FAR MORE able than we are with respect to Spiritual Understanding, Wisdom, and Decision Making.

Think carefully about calling a medium >>> When you do please don’t discuss it with others as the information is for your ears only.

Part of a respectful attitude is this: Those NOW in pure spirit on the other side are busy working on improving themselves. Maybe someone told you they are on a cloud and playing a harp. Far from it!

They have daily tasks to do and chores just like all of us here on earth only they have ones of a DIFFERENT nature.

If you research those who experienced a Near Death Experience, of NDE, they will tell you heaven is different to what they expected it to be! The soul is always growing on its journey.

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