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Psychic Medium: Join A Circle

Hello, psychic medium Jim Cassa here. This is a little of my psychic past, a bit of history if you will, about my experiences when I joined a closed Esoteric Circle that was held in Melbourne Australia.

Do I recommend YOU join a circle? It depends, you know in your heart if it is right for you.

For a period of two years, week in and week out, I was a member of a closed esoteric psychic development circle. What I mean by closed is it was only open to members who made a TWO YEAR commitment to the group.

When one makes such a big decision you are confronted by obstacles from the start. The first was the discipline. The class was a combination of meditation, study of esoteric texts, and listening to the wisdom of the instructor.

The act of joining a circle made a HUGE contribution to my growth. In a circle you have something working for you called GROUP energy. This helps a lot.

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On the outward level, what we call Exoteric , the friendly encouragement from colleagues on the same path as you gives you a big push. You receive support from other members in the group. I discovered many of us had the same interests, beliefs, and opinions and in this environment strong bonds naturally develop.

If I had to pick one word to describe my circle experiences it would be NURTURING. This is the only way psychic medium ability can grow. It needs the fertile soil of a nurturing energy so it can flower.

Note the cliche: Birds of a feather flock together. And this one: Being on the same wavelength. You leave the negativity and criticism of the outside world and enter another one. You enter a world that is supportive of your psychic abilities and talents in general.

If someone disagrees with my psychic pursuits do I care? No! I use the UNIVERSAL law of allowing them to think and be what they want to be. Who cares what others believe or disbelieve? Travel your own road and forget about the opinions of others has always been my philosophy.

I noticed that meditation in a circle is especially strong. The group energy made up from all of the individuals gives the circle lots of power. The group members draw on this power to accomplish their objectives. I always found the circle experiences energizing, never draining, with lots of inner work to keep me busy! In esoteric terms they say your energy is multiplied when working in a group.

Personal growth SKYROCKETS in a circle. This is because of the different energies from each one of the group members. The different energies blend and you have a form of energy transmutation. This kind of alchemical reaction helps you grow.

Working as a psychic medium now I am happy I made the decision to join a circle all those years ago. It lead my journey to some deep meditations and mystical experiences. My circle experience was an amazing journey.

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