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Spiritual Power: Mind Body Spirit

When it comes to being dynamic the way to go is to develop SPIRITUAL power before the physical. Energy exists on the plane of spirit first before it manifests on the material plane. The law of manifestation is working 24/7 all of the time. But how does one begin? I mean where do you start? Here is my take on this important subject while doing a psychic medium reading on it:

The bookshop self development section is full of the latest best sellers. New age magazines are full of weekend courses and seminars. The guy and girl starting out on the self growth path has a major obstacle to face and this is the MYRIAD of choices! Yes, the beginning can be tricky!

Here is some psychic insight into how I handle this challenge. Let us continue onwards, on the path of Spiritual Power: Mind Body Spirit!

When starting out I noticed there were many paths but all of them focused on ONE mind, body, and spirit area with extreme emphasis while neglecting others. Yoga has an emphasis on the development of the body. Energy workers concentrate on shifting energy. Spiritual disciplines train the spirit but neglect the care and well being of the body. I wanted something balanced instead of lopsided. Just because other people are following a system doesn’t mean it is any good!

The way to REAL spirit power is to develop in all three areas evenly. This means I take care of my body, I eat well, even organic at times, with lots of RAW food. I walk in the fresh air. I view the physical body as the temple of the divine spark with all the human energy we carry inside. Here is another metaphysical fact I learned along the way >>> YOU are custodian for the body. This means it is given to you as a gift for a certain amount of time so the spiritual energy inside of you can grow. Being a custodian means one is entrusted with something of value.

The mind is a gift and it too is an expression of the divine energy. Reading literature develops the mind and so does deep conversation. Not the rubbishy TV kind, but the deep and meaningful kind that is so rare today. Minds work at varying speeds and each has its own capacity to apply the intellect. The task is to have the spirit directing the mind as the supreme commander. The spiritual energy is the GENERAL, the mind the Captain, and the body a foot soldier.

The more one enters into the spiritual energy inside the closer you get to God, or the universal energy. Meditation and the pursuit of a better life lead to making a powerful spiritual transition. It is good to see more folks entering the path of spirit these days with a keen interest in the ancient wisdoms. I see this trend growing over the next few months. In the quest for Spiritual Power of mind, body, and spirit a psychic medium reading can show you the way that suits your energy.

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