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Mediums: How to Block Negative Energy

In Mediums How to Block Negative Energy we discuss the proliferation of negative energy and what YOU can do about it. Working the psychic lines as a full time professional psychic medium I find the accumulation of the negative is one of the biggest problems people face. Did you know there is a lot you can do to fix the problem? Did you know there are solutions to all kinds of debilitating energy that exist right now? Want to know more, then read on!

Mediums can tune in and describe psychic energy of all kinds. There are many things that are beautiful like Angels, good friends, and the inner self. These are the blessings all human beings have as a right to being HUMAN. But part of the journey of the soul is to deal with all kinds of negativity. So let us create a road map on how we are going to handle this. Negative energy can only exist in two UNIQUE state of consciousness:

1. The Negative Energy Inside of Ourselves. This includes the Shadow, subconscious mind blockages, the bad experiences of childhood, and all the negative energy of past life incarnations.

2. The Negative Energy in the Outside World. There is so much of this around need I say more about it?

Psychic mediums understand that it is a given there is negative energy in abundance all around us on the earth plane. It is common sense the more positive vibes around you the more fun and exciting life will be. If there is an over abundance of negative energy you go down into the downward spiral. It takes a lot of work to get out from this self destructive spiral and the only way you can do it by increasing the positive energy in and around you. There is more to this than thinking positive, and positive thinking on its own is not enough.

In my work as a psychic medium I found the crystal BLACK TOURMALINE to be effective against all kinds of psychic attack and dark energy. I suggested the tourmaline to several others and it worked the same for them. Mediums study the shaman path and have their own favourite methods. It is a fact if you increase the life force around you negative energy begins to lose its power.

One stands on a solid foundation if you decide it is time to fight negative energy by actions that empower you. Callers often ring me on this very topic on How to Block Negative Energy. I tell them what I do about it. They seem to like the information.

Once we begin to sort out the OUTSIDE environment a bit the next place to work upon is the self. The self is the divine part of us but is clouded by the old mindset, conditioning, and energy blockages we carry with us. Anger creates more blocks. Jealousy does the same. The FEELINGs we have are signals to the universe. By changing our feelings we change our destiny. Do you like your destiny and the way you are going in life? If yes fine, if not why not change it?

I get callers all the time speaking on this very topic of Mediums: How to Block Negative Energy! Will you let me help you? Will you call up a psychic and discuss your negative energy problems and gain the psychics insight that shows you how to handle it? It would be an honour to chat with you. I don’t bite!

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