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Psychic Reading: Cheating Relationship

This is a psychic reading on a cheating relationship. The act of having the love of your life cheat on you is one of the MOST demeaning experiences in the world.

After all we give our most cherished love LOTS of kindness , energy, and compassion and to have someone so important go on and CHEAT with someone else brings us down. Here is what the cheater, who is the guy or gal who did you wrong, all about >>> What they are saying by their cheating actions is the DO NOT love you, respect you, or even intend to treat you well in the future.

In any case if you discover any kind of deception and full on lying about other lovers in the closet the relationship is over in my book. If you value trust and mutual sharing, and the other half does not, then both of your are in TOTALLY different universes. If a relationship is going to work we have to be on the same page in what we hold dear in spiritual values. Of course it is easy to break spiritual values by doing something behind the back of a loved one.

I have a PSYCHIC PROFILE on the cheater for you:

1. The cheater has a nature that is out of control. For example many men and women in a strong and vibrant relationship are attracted to other men and women outside of the relationship. But that doesn’t mean they go ahead and sleep with them. In fact the intimate part of their nature is kept under control within the current romantic partnership. The cheater is unable to do this. If an individual wants the attention of other partners then at least tell your current partner about it.

2. A psychic reading on the cheater shows they work in secret and lie to your face. This is easy to explain. The EGO is the ivory tower of importance and having a part time lover on the side gives it a false sense of control. It is a POWER trip. That is all it is. The cheater is saying: Look at me, I can have as many lovers as I wish, break all of the rules of society, and not get caught! Look how clever I am!

3. More psychic perception on the cheater >>> The cheater has ZERO values. If one in the relationship is into self respect , compassion, and treating the love of your life with grace and kindness , but the other is not, then it is not a level playing field. The odds that something will go wrong are almost 100% certain because what you consider important is NOT important to the other half.

4. Here is how to avoid being cheated upon: Find someone that is not going to cheat on you. Well how do you do that? This what psychic profiling is all about and it is the job of the psychic reader to view the inner spirit nature of the person who will remain true.

A PSYCHIC READING on a cheating relationship is tough for both the reader doing the reading and the caller. A genuine psychic likes to see folks happy and a love gone bad is a sour type of reading that is disturbing to say the least and some even bring tears to your eyes.

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