Mind Power and Clairvoyance

There is something to this mind and clairvoyance phenomena. The powers of the human mind have been held in high regard for many a year in mankind’s history.

Do you know who your best friend is? Your mind. Creativity and intuition are some of its fine qualities. It has the ability to solve problems and to apply divination methods to foretell. It explains why astrology, numerology, and natural authentic clairvoyance are so effective.

If you are considering growing your sixth sense you need two pieces. The first is a genuine clairvoyant pathway that works. Numerology, astrology, and tarot card readings are such methods. Secondly, it requires your application of the mind to master these psychic tools.

One pathway on its own will lead to failure. When, and if, two pathways meet and join you make real progress.

People have far more ability than they know or use. If you discover your talents you can begin to apply them to your life and make it easier.

Progress comes from application of the mind. Have a look at the events and life experiences where there is little conscious direction. You see confusion and suffering. Happy living comes down to how well we use the mind.

It has always been a common desire of mankind to have the mind do more. Schooling is a traditional form of mind training. Mentoring and coaching is another. Reading good literature one more method.

Right in front of our faces we have examples of super human desire for psychic ability.

The lotto is one such super human psychic desire. People want to win money by playing lotto and feel somewhere inside of them there is the ability to predict what numbers are going to come up. There is some truth in this since every person has some form of psychic intuition, albeit in many it is yet to be awakened.

This is a desire for the mind to determine future outcomes. It is a God like quality to know the future, and many are good at forecasting two or three future probabilities most likely to occur. It is called picking up on the trend.

If you are good at reading trends you will be successful at what you do.

Do you have any idea of the trends this year, in 2012? If not, I am happy to do a reading for you and explain what my psychic perception has shown many others.

It is common to want to make your mind ability so much more than what it is at present. With any kind of reasonable desire this is possible.

Clairvoyant powers are like a block of marble before the sculptor has applied his chisel. It is there, but of little use because much of the noise, false beliefs, and negative energy of conditioning block inner perception. So clairvoyance has little chance to manifest.

We all have inner faculties that are capable of much ability. It pays and makes sense to empower our inner being and to bring new energy into our lives. It is quite often enough to chip away at the negative energy for your intuition and your creativity to come forward. Once it does you begin to sense energy in you and around you. Yes, this is what being psychic means.

We often find daily living a struggle instead of a joyous ride that you find fun. How we apply the mind has a lot to do with this. If we become stronger in mind then our results begin to improve. Concentration is one such ability worth developing. If you want to become a better person the way to do this is to begin to learn and to grow within. The desire to accomplish more is a normal one.

In order to make the world a better place begin to develop your own inner power. Small starts add up to big results. If you are keen and have some applied positive energy you will find this is possible.

Everyone knows about going to school and how useful it is in mind development. How about buying a pack of Rider Waite tarot cards and learning the YES/NO method of divination? This will come in very handy for you this year with all of the tumultuous global change in the economy, not to mention with natural disasters forecasting.

If you want to learn the tarot YES/NO method I am happy to teach you. I can explain it over the phone. Done it before, works well!

If you want to develop the mind more begin to apply it to problems you find around you. This is a tried and proven personal growth way to go about it. You are capable of great things in this world and how you use your mind plays a big factor in how well you do.

Many personal development coaches say we live in the age of the mind and they are right. A powerful mind is the doorway to living the life of your dreams.

Jim Cassa http://blogboogie.com/
© Jim Cassa 2012 All rights reserved

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