Do Psychic Readings Really Help?

I was at a party the other day and I was asked a very important question about my psychic readings.

A guy walked up to me and wanted answers of a practical type. The guy who asked the question hit the nail on the head, bulls eye, since he asked the MOST important question that anyone can ask about a clairvoyant.

His question was, How Do Your Psychic Readings Really Help People?

If your readings help, well then all is well and good, but if not, then why do them?

I painted several psychic examples for him.

Help Example One:
You have a young woman strongly considering a career in hairdressing. She has concerns about her future. She phones the clairvoyant line and asks, If I go into a hairdressing career will I do really well? The clairvoyant answer states though she has talent for cutting hair and is well liked by everyone this career fails to provide her with the material abundance she is after. The young woman goes away and decides upon a new career that is more lucrative.

Help Example Two:
The corporate business man has employed a brand new team, a staff of nine fresh employees. He phones the psychic clairvoyant, and asks the clairvoyant to do reads on each employee to check for honesty and trustworthiness. Eight show up as honest, one is dishonest. The corporate businessman takes common sense precautions.

So do psychic readings really help? Yes.

Jim Cassa
© Jim Cassa 2012 All rights reserved

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