Family Madness

Do you feel living in a family is a curse or a blessing?

Let us see. For starters I know that the universe has a great sense of humor to place us in difficult and challenging family circumstances.

All family members including Mum and Dad, brother and sister have their own unique mind , body, and spirit that they bring into the world. Each one is different, and that is why sons and daughters often clash.

There is huge learning going on in families, and like it or not we are in the metaphysical family classroom experiencing and growing as we go along.

After the years have gone by and you have time for reflection, you look back over the things you said to family members, what actions you did and left out doing, and feel a sense of forgiveness and appreciation for the experiences that you learned.

Years often have to pass before you reach this state of mindful reflection.

Meanwhile you may be in the thick of battle living in a family that fails to meet your expectations, and you are pulling your hair out wishing some rich person is going to adopt you and take you out of the mess you find yourself.

Here are some suggestions on how you can find a way to better the family situation.

Keep Your Dreams Close. A member of the family can ridicule you about your dream job or vision. It can take the wind out from your sails. Refuse to listen, and keep your dreams close, and always keep on going.

Whatever you do to raise your positive energy is going to help you, so feed your mind daily with material you find uplifting and inspirational. This way you will be more up than down, and more able to see opportunities around you.

Follow Your Passion. A wise man once said, I would rather have the whole world against me than my own soul.

What he meant was from time to time you are going to have people tell you what to do for a career, relationship, and how to live. If you give in and go against what you believe in, eventually it backfires and you crumble.

The way to stay strong is to believe in your own power, to transform your life, and to follow your own unique vision. You will be tested many times.

When I began my online business for $100 a month I had many people laugh at me. Now I make a living working for myself, instead of working for a boss. I am my own boss.

The family members who used to ridicule my dreams now look on with wide eyed respect , scratching their heads and wondering how I did it.

I will tell you HOW I did it right now. I used the power of belief, and gradually built my confidence as I went go along. It is fine if you trust in the universe, though I would prefer it if you trust in yourself first.

The only thing you are energetically tied to is your own soul. If someone in the family resonates on a much lower level than you do, there is no need to honor family ties with that member. To thine own self be true, said Shakespeare.

High Energy. In families where there is more conflict than harmony the biggest challenge you have to face is energy depletion. Negative people, whether in the family or not, drain you of energy.

If there is anything to respect in this world it is you and your energy. This is your time that is is flowing away, and you have a right to spend your time as you wish, and for that you need energy.

Guard your energy. Protect it, and seek new and fruitful ways on how to build it up so you can reach higher.

In families there is often madness and sadness. A touch of wisdom will help turn a bad experience into good, and to make transformation happen when you are true to you.

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Description: To Thy Own Self Be True.

Jim Cassa
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