Human Power A Psychic Perspective

It is common for the rich and famous to consult psychics. Here is a description of human power from a psychic perspective.

It is natural for human beings to seek power. In the fields of wealth, education, and status people will do whatever they can to achieve a powerful position.

In the pursuit of being strong in society there is an obvious fact that is overlooked.

The search for empowerment often begins within the avenues from the sources of information one has available.

Education, friends, and experience represent the sum total of available power knowledge. There is a belief system that is limited to personal frames of reference.

In the act of seeking personal power one is limited to the information constructs that are accessible.

Empowering information can be divided up into two classes. That which is available via mainstream information sources, and that information which is hidden, even kept secret, and remains to a large extent invisible from the masses.

Human power is often decided by having access to hidden and invisible forms of information.

A major obstacle to self power is that for most hidden knowledge is hard, if not impossible, to get.

Much of the public feel stuck and disappointed with their position in life.

Human beings are blessed with amazing inner powers. Yet if one looks around it is obvious that most of these remain unused. Loss of inner power usage leads to losing the game of life. The truth is hard to face, though a good reality check is the basis of long lasting, rather than fickle, power.

If society only makes selective sources of information available, then understanding gaps exist on the road to self empowerment.

In Western culture the available fields of knowledge stem from personal experience, education, and the associates around one.

Personal experience is conditioned by living in the Western culture. It is limited to the visible and the common.

Mainstream media has a large influence on mass belief systems.

People live their lives by what is considered normal. For example if a group of people is encouraged to play sport this is considered acceptable and is given accolades. It is another instance of societal conditioning.

If the same group of people were shown how the tarot cards are sought after in private by those in the know then the reputation of the tarot card deck would skyrocket. A bad press, or no press at all, stops the wisdom of the tarot from even being considered.

Yet tarot deck readings such as the Celtic Cross are among the paranormal methods used by the rich and famous.

Education is a vital component of understanding the power pyramid.

The scientific method reigns supreme in chemistry, biology, and materials engineering. If the same dedication and energy was applied to human power systems there would undoubtedly be huge advances in paranormal psychic powers including being able to spot future trends and intuition advances.

The current Western culture is in denial of psychic powers.

Little if anything is known of human intuition, the sensing of energies, and paranormal understanding. The result of this deep silence is many have untapped psychic and intuitive abilities going to waste.

The current scientific paradigm denies human intuitive powers. This has filtered from the top down in the educational system.

The result is what you have now that is society has a handful of natural psychics, and few trained ones.

The associates around one are subjected to the same conditioning influences as those who seek power. True psychic friends are a rare breed.

We can conclude that real power is found in the invisible, not visible, world.

Discovery of the invisible is a difficult task if one has no map.

The underground knowledge that the rich and famous seek psychic answers from genuine readers with psychic ability is a closely guarded secret. After all if you had a secret power source would YOU willingly share it and make it available to others?

Jim Cassa
© Jim Cassa 2012 All rights reserved

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