Witchcraft Spells and Magic

Down through human history from the days of the ancient Sumerian civilization to the present mankind has sustained a deep interest in witchcraft, spells, and magic.

If one is brave enough to admit it there is an intoxicating feeling to owning spell magic powers.

These powers were, and are, sought after in the psychic field of witchcraft and applied spell making.

Before we go any further a definition of witchcraft is required. Witchcraft is the application of invisible energies directed toward a human being for a specific outcome.

It is this specific outcome we are interested in.

In my work on light clearing with clients I have discovered strong witch and voodoo spells that degrade a person. Here are some examples of spell and magic energy uncovered so far:

This is the kind of magic that can make a total stranger fall in love with you.

It is a nasty spell in that the infatuation that follows after it has been cast grows in power to dangerous levels.

Strong witchcraft can make a guy fall in love with a female who is a total stranger. He begins to buy her cuppaccinos and dinner against his will. Before the guy knows it he is buying her dresses, paying for her bills , and forking out money for the weekly groceries.

The dark magic energy has the guy acting like a mere puppet. He has lost all common sense and clarity of thought.

Unless the magic brainwash spell is broken it will continue to have a hold on him forever.

The witch gains power and he loses it. A good spell caster can perform black magic in a stealthy way. The guy victim is unconscious of what is going on.

A strong form of magic is the act of summoning a demonic being from the hell underworld.

Once the evil spirit arrives on the earth plane it is directed to attach itself to a human being.

This is a very strong form of witchcraft magic. Being a concentrated form of negative energy it is hard to shift.

Though it is difficult to shift demonic beings, it is indeed possible if you know the weak points of the evil spirit creating the energetic problem.

The damage caused by the evil entity is created by its force field of negative energy that influences the individual to become ever more down in the pits. This works on the scientific principle of resonance.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve any kind of career achievement, relationship success, or family harmony when there is a demonic spirit present in the life cycle of a human being.

Those who use the dark arts of casting spells upon unsuspecting people employ this as one of their primary power casting methods.

The crown chakra is the head area where logic, creativity, intuition, and thinking takes place.

It is the main powerhouse of a human being and it is a favorite target area for witchcraft spells and black magic to target this area. The reason for its popularity is that once the crown chakra is full of misinformation you have your host under control.

I often find clients who consult with me that have the problem of dark magic spell energy in the crown chakra. It is more common than many think.

The mind works in unison with the crown chakra to empower the individual. If a lot of negative energy is present the mind fails to work as it was meant to, and a short circuit leads one on a downward life spiral.

In the modern world the thinking abilities of concentration, clarity of thought, and strong decision making are often required to lead an empowered life.

Anything that takes away from mind powers is detrimental to the human ability of self actualization.

A powerful form of psychic attack is the witch circle casting spell. Here a group of witches gather to cast a joint spell.

Each one of its members contribute their individual energy to the group forming a concentrated powerhouse of a spell.

A circle spell has the power to overwhelm due to the combined power of its members. A circle of six to ten witches delivers a frightening energetic blow to the receiver.

The secret to neutralizing this form of black magic is to find the leader of the coven and nullify her power.

Witches, spells, and evil magic are alive and flourishing in modern culture. If one suffers from such a malicious form of energy intrusion it is a good idea to take action and remove it from your life as soon as possible.

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