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In a world brimming over with love why is it so hard to find? Males and females yearn for it and go to great lengths to get it.

Here is a dictionary definition of the word love.

1. A strong complex emotion or feeling causing one to appreciate, delight in, and crave the presence of another.
2. To please and promote the welfare of the other.
3. Such a feeling between husband and wife.
4. Animal passion and the gratification of it.
5. To have feeling of affection.
6. To tend to thrive in.

I personally find this dictionary definition incomplete and I have far more to say about love and how to attract it.

Love for another means respectful energy, and it has a feeling of caring about it. If you are constantly thinking about another your thoughts are projected towards them all of the time. What you are doing is sending out mental love energy towards your source of affection.

It means you are willing to share your inner beauty with another, and you are able to receive theirs. People in love exude a special kind of energy, you can feel it when you are near such a couple, and yes it is a psychic sense.

The universe loves you, no matter who you are, no matter what your acts in the past. All you need is LOVE, John Lennon said it well in the song.

Here is how to get more love energy going.

You may want to love but if you don’t have it inside of you then it has a slim chance to manifest. You carry your energy around with you. There is a saying that who you are speaks volumes, and the universe can see one’s true colors clearly.

Live and act the way you desire your best friend to be, which is your choice, to BE or not to be, said Shakespeare, that is , are you going to be a being of high resonance or not?

It is hard to be happy when surrounded by scumbags, working with scumbaggery at the office, or being around people who remind you of the word SCUM.

The truth is we have saints and sinners, Angles and Devils, living side by side in our modern culture right here and right now, and you and I cannot change that, but we CAN decide who we want to be with and this is what makes a tremendous difference.

Make up your mind to be around what I call Virtue People. These are quality folk who have done a lot of work upon themselves.

They have a high standard of values, are able to think different than what the mass media tells them to think, and are alternative in their beliefs.

Virtue people like doing nice things because, well, they are nice! Creative in their outlook they are often adventurous in their attitude towards life as they live by their choice. If you begin to value virtue people they soon turn up in your life.

A clear picture of your potential soul mate is a good idea. If your mind is unclear, then that is exactly what the universe will give back to you.

So for my female readers, males can use the same process for their heart desire, what do want your ideal man to look like? Hair color? Skin? What about financial stability, or would you prefer a prosperity leech?

What kind of emotional makeup are you after? Oh my goodness, so many questions! I feel I should do an entire article on How to Find Your Ideal Man! What do my female readers think?
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Specific answers lead to a clear picture of who you want to manifest. And it can apply to other important life cycles such as business associates and close family friends.

Love is ever present in the universe. It is everywhere. You can select the size of the bucket you wish and scoop up as much of the love energy as you want. The question is how big do you want your bucket size, and consider how much volume of love are YOU willing to spread around?

If love is everywhere then our sensing a shortage of it must be an illusion. Appreciate the love energy. A simple feeling of appreciation for it can do life wonders.

Anything we appreciate grows.

Someone, somewhere, is supporting you in life and if you are unable to see it take heart, for I assure you it is there.

A psychic reading reveals much about the emotions and about your potential life partner. If there is one thing I want you to get from this, and that is YOUR energy makes all the difference in the world. It is real, and will help you to turn the ideal into the real for good.

If someone is going to use you, they abuse you, and soon lose you.

A high self worth helps avoid potential boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, challenges before they become emotional wounds.

If you are not sure, a genuine telephone psychic reading will help. I have all the answers, or to be precise, my kind Spirit Guides do!
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