Dance Like This Guy

Lately everyone I meet seems to be going on some kind of diet before Christmas. I have met so many people who want to lose kilos, it is amazing.

Maybe the universe is trying to communicate something? Anyway, I have decided to join the pre Christmas weight loss bandwagon. I feel a good detox is just what I need.

So I went out and purchased a juicing machine, a bunch of fresh carrots, celery , and cucumbers. What else can I use for fresh juice?

Then I made a new resolution, before the New Year resolution time, to walk a lot more. I love my job, that is offering psychic readings on the telephone , it is great, but I agree I need to exercise more.

Heaven forbid, I may even join the gym!

There is a vision of perfection inside of you on how you KNOW you can be, and that is why you have an inner desire to improve things.

The state of the sage is one of peaceful calm. As you move towards the light, you gain more light and become it. You will notice energy patterns in people, that are new to you, because of your increased awareness.

We succumb to thoughts of negative thinking, and put activities we know are good for us off for another day. If you can be as you are, then life would be fine. There is a vision of perfection within you that you strive towards.

Anyway, this is simply my mystical explanation why I want to be in shape for Christmas. When I was much younger I liked the group Racey, and their song Some Girls.

Oh, I have another reason to be fit. I wanna dance like this guy in the video:

Jim Cassa
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