Being Good In a Bad World

I am a different psychic to most, and like many of you find it hard to be good in a bad world.

The world brings you down, it is true, so working at being good is a challenge. Here are some of my insights on what I have been doing the last few weeks.

I gave my TV away to my brother. His got a lot of kids and they like to watch it, I can’t stand it myself. All of the mass media garbage fries my soul.

Much of the world is soulless, and I have had enough of human beings minus a soul in my life. Out!

This year I am getting better at time management, or time achievement as I like to call it. Achievement is the act of doing what you like to do in the limited time you have available. And you really are achieving something worthwhile if you are doing something good.

The next part I added to time achievement is doing my own psychic readings on people and places in my life. Yes, I am one of those psychics that do their own readings. By reading the energy of life I find out what is the strongest path.

Motives psychic readings and finding out if someone is lying or not. This clairvoyant method has been taking up a lot of my time.
There is a good tarot reading you can use called the three card draw. It tells you a lot about people. You can find out if they are being true, or not. I love it!

If you like I can do the same style of clairvoyant reading for you, because knowing where the energy is acts like a catalyst for achievement.
This kind of reading can empower you because you can find out, through a psychic reading, who is lying to you and who isn’t.

A society can be cruel and misguided so you need as much psychic protection as you can get. Like I said, it is hard to be good in a world that is bad.

I’m also looking at close associates and their spirituality. What spirituality I hear you say! You are right, few have a deep ongoing care for people and the world. Yet times are changing where every now and then you do find someone who has a conscience.

I recently discovered a holistic community of people who live together and care for one another. I intend to spend more time with them over the next few months. They are good people, and good people are hard to find.

The acts of people can be so ugly. Yet to clear up any negative energy in your life you are going to have to view the bad stuff, and achieve some kind of balance.

Being rich or poor makes no difference at being good. In fact the rich have challenges you never dreamed about. Being good is a quality you have inside of your soul. It sticks to you. It is real and other people can feel it when they talk to you.

Jim Cassa
© Jim Cassa 2012 All rights reserved

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