Light Burns Darkness

If you are on a spiritual path the darkness will try to swamp you and stop your progress. The dark works hard to cover your light.

It is unbelievable how much darkness is surrounding the planet. When I think about the bands of negative energy around buildings and people they are a terrible sight.

The negative darkness that infiltrates the world is difficult to describe.

In my clairvoyant readings I see dark energy around people, even in the workplace. The negative energy influences people in the wrong way. Negative emotion feeds the dark.

The internet talks a lot about the manipulation people are under these days. It is the voice of truth. It has made many events see the light of day. It has certainly made it easier for people to receive psychic readings online.

The secret of dark energy is that it works with stealth. The word stealth means, according to the dictionary,

1. The quality or habit of acting secretly.
2. A concealed manner of action.
3. Theft, or thing stolen. Old English, stealthing.

The Old English meaning of the word, number 3 above, is stealthing and it means theft. Though this old meaning is now obsolete from a psychic perspective it has a precise meaning that enlightens the challenges of turning darkness into light.

This fits in with the psychic energy work I do for folks as black energy often acts to steal your positive energy. It is the act of stealing, so one of stealth.

The dark likes to remain underground and hidden. It seeks to work in secret to steal the light. But if you decide to fight there is a lot you can do to stop bad energy eating you.

By taking control of energy one gains freedom.

If someone is extremely nasty to you send them love, they hate it. Anger and hatred directed at another is like adding fuel to a fire, it only perpetuates it further.

Love energy to anger is like water to a fire. It extinguishes the blaze.

Yet powerful negative energy does have a power to influence. Of this I am certain. It can make you angry and cloud your knowing. It can send you down the wrong path.

There are two manifestations of darkness. One form is easily visible and the other is hidden. The hidden energy is the most powerful. In the unseen world is where true power is to be found. This applies to light and dark energy.

So, you have external control and an unseen demonic one that whispers into the ears of men.

In the psychic readings I do for people they often get me to clean their energy fields. Cord attachment is common, as it is a primary way of funneling psychic energy from someone.

There are good ways to melt the negative energy around you. You are welcome to telephone me about it because I have a way of removing it for good.

I know the dark likes fear and confusion. It enjoys anger and uncertainty. It likes power. Yet you still have a right to grow your own light within, and to expand to ever greater levels of creative expression.

The way to attack evil energy is with love. Love burns the darkness away, never forget that.

There will be some people around you who you love, but you also sense they cannot be saved in a 1000 years. It is their destiny to be so, and there is not much you can do about it.
Let them be.

There are massive patches of negative energy in the world right now. It is in suburbs and cities. Every now and then someone will ask me to do a psychic reading on a city to test if it is a safe location to live or visit. I expect this type of reading to become more common in the future.

There is a lot of light inside of you, do not fear, and there is lightness around you in the shape of spirit guides and higher energies that work to help human beings. If you call them they will come to help you. Some effort is required.

Jim Cassa
© Jim Cassa 2012 All rights reserved

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