Psychic Energy Fields

Every person walks around with what is his and her energy field. Some call this the aura, it is a combination of bio and electromagnetic energy. Researchers have discovered fields around all living beings.

They way you nurture your internal energy makes a difference. You can expand your consciousness to experience more.

Does Everything have a Psychic Energy Field?

The answer is yes. People have it, and so do non living objects, or what is considered non living anyway, such as rocks. For example crystals have a consciousness all of their own and carry energies that can assist one to further growth.

The psychic energy you exude is linked to your emotions. If you are kind and respectful then your energy has a certain frequency of being. If you are malicious your color vibration is that much darker.

Energy fields, frequency, and the oscillation of vibrations are all in the same bag. It is a representation of you and your energy.

Feelings of guilt often lead to self sabotage, and a downward spiral. A psychic reading reveals the shape and color of your energy and shows you how to improve yourself. This is what clairvoyant perception is all about.

Acts of kindness have a full, bright, and expanding energy frequency. This is the type of emotion we want to encourage more because it helps our spiritual growth.

The old ways of doing business no longer work, because a new energy has arrived on the earth plane. Evolution is supposed to be progressive where you get better and better at life. It is hard to give up the old, I know, but if you are going to survive the coming changes it is essential.

Taking care of your energy is of prime importance, you are welcome to phone me about this, because I am on a mission to empower anyone that wants to listen on how to strengthen their energy field.

Psychic energy is deeply tied to the lessons you are required to learn. Did you know earth is like a big school with classes and seminars of attendance? It is all true, and when one passes you have the opportunity of viewing the long list of success and failures you managed while on earth in the body.

It makes sense to let go of self sabotage emotions like guilt and worry, because the payoff is small or non existent. I have a saying that negative emotions take you into minus living.

Some people work hard on themselves and improve, others fall by the wayside. Normally the ones who fall think they are superior and so have no work to do, since they are already God’s gift to the planet by simply existing here.

Their energy is almost always narrow and restrictive. They don’t accomplish much.

If you feel your evolution is different you have a right to leave and say goodbye. Your personal energy is most important. And if you don’t look after it, who will?

I encourage you to research and to try out some form of spiritual exercise. It brightens the energy field, makes you feel good, you become lighter, and progress upwards your spiritual energy.

Jim Cassa
© Jim Cassa 2012 All rights reserved

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