Psychic Matrix Black Magic Spells

You can collapse something evil by projecting love energy at it. Just like they did in the Matrix film.

I have a group of clients who come to me with problems of black magic spells and demonic curse. Somehow someone has crossed their path and dumped black magic energy on them.

They find themselves in a difficult place.

The term black magic means different things to people. In my understanding of curse, witchcraft, hex, voodoo, and spellcasting are all the same form of trouble making energy.

Dark magic is a concentrated form of negative energy. It brings you down and stops your forward movement. It is a challenge to live with, though many having been living with darkness for years.

I call it a part of the psychic matrix we live in.

The matrix is composed of different types of energies both good and bad and everything in between.

If you want to be free from the Matrix you can. Just like Neo did in the film, you are going to have to fight.

If you want to stop magic curse spells and melt them here is how you go about it.

1. The fist step is to ask your psychic if he can see the dark energy.
This step is critical for the removal of negative energy. If the human psychic is unable to view the trouble spots it will be more than challenging to shift.

So, the absolutely first step in demonic energy removal is to identify WHERE and WHAT is the trouble in the first place. Once this step one is completed you can move onto the next step.

2. Shift the dark magic energy out.
This is the hardest part of the two. Many psychics can view energy with clairvoyance, yet find it hard or impossible to shift energy.
If you can move energy around, it gives you a big advantage.

So, step two is moving the black magic out and away from the client to a place where it is contained. That way it can’t hurt anyone.

The strength of voodoo spell energy is its ability to straddle two worlds. It can exist in two dimensions. To fix spells and magic in order to melt them away a similar strategy is required where the guy who is cleansing the energy can also enter two dimensions at the same time.

It can be hard to work out and confusing to the mind. Suffice to say I have had much success with spellcasting and voodoo removal over the last twelve months.
If you are suffering from this curse, you are welcome to telephone me, and ask about removing it. It is worth a phone call, simply because I can stop dark magic for you.

The challenge of working out what is real and unreal as we know it belongs to the new experiences in freedom the client enjoys. If evil spirits are around your aura, or attached to your chakras, the result can only be struggle. You are going to have to remove them somehow.

The Matirx film showed us amazing images and stretched the mind with its plot and characters. In the film I observed the green screen of letter downloads. The squiddies that suck energy are a bit scary, but the principle of energy attachment to people in order to drain them is the same here in the real world.

Mr. Smith is the evil archetype and the villain in the film. There are many Mr. Smith like characters here on earth with the same cold heart and desire for control.

So, it is all what I call a part of the psychic matrix. If you want to banish magic spells and curse energy you are welcome to phone me, because I can tell you in five minutes if you have concentrated negative energy on you.

Jim Cassa.

Jim Cassa
© Jim Cassa 2012 All rights reserved

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