Living Your Career Of Love

I left a good corporate job to begin doing what I love. This blog and the psychic readings service you see is evidence of the result of my decision.

When I began my clairvoyant career all I had to help was a thought in my mind. I wondered how to do it. I simply began where I was, with what little I had in hand.

The guy who cuts my hair explained his job transition story. He wanted to begin doing what he loved for a career, he was really good at cutting hair but had no other qualifications.

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He wanted to make a successful career change, found a shop in town with cheap rent , and opened it up and began serving people by giving the best haircuts he could muster. Now he is in full time business doing what he loves.

If you begin where you are, you make progress. I am going to give you some other suggestions for career transition in a moment.

Living your career of love takes action to begin. Begin where you are and build upon it. Small steps lead to giant results.

It does take belief in yourself to begin something new, and I know a different career can be fearful in the beginning. Yet doubt and fear are natural to the human condition. If you feel inside you are ready for a career transition, then you are ready, even if you don’t have all the bits of the puzzle neatly formed.

Here is a mind bender for you >>> All the bits will NEVER be arranged perfectly for you to start a new career. This is a part of the change over job test, it seems, so you just have to have enough confidence in your actions to go and do it.

I have consulted with many people over the years who have made successful career transitions. Now, the fact is working in a great new career is more than possible, it is very doable. You have people doing it all of the time, and because of my personal real life example of successful job transition and the hairdressing example, you have two genuine examples of people living their love.

There is a saying, do what you love and love what you do.

Yes, doing what you love for a living makes a difference in your own life by giving you job satisfaction, a sense of achievement, a feeling of contribution, and this is just the beginning.

True, it takes courage to job transition. If you can contribute to your self by honoring your career choice, you will much better contribute to your family, the community, and to the world.

Yes, a successful job transition into what you love to do for a living is possible, as shown by the many successful ones who have already achieved it.

BEING in a career you love makes one heck of a difference to you and the world. Your heart is in your job, this is the first thing, and you finish the day with greater energy than you begin the day.

If there is one thing that makes me feel this planet is a part of the beautiful divine order it would be this >>>> By doing what you love for a career you make a positive impact with your own energy, the energy of your family, and that of the wider community.

PS: I have assisted a lot of people with successful career transition by using my psychic reading ability, showing them where the best probability of finding career success, challenge, and joy is to be found. You are welcome to get in touch, if you want to transition into a new and more meaningful career with my psychic reading help.

If I can go from corporate job to successful tarot reader, anything is possible on this earth, right?

Jim Cassa
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