Factory to Corporate Psychic

Every now and then I get work offers for psychic reading gigs. They are called performance contracts.

Sweet memories! How sweet life is when you reflect back on triumph.

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The date was Saturday the 26th November 2011. The function was the MLC company end of year Christmas party. The venue was at the Melbourne Aquarium. Jim Cassa, aka moi, was the tarot reader for the evening.

The guests, that is employees of the company, were upwards of 900 people. It was a great night, I had a ball and met some really nice individuals.

On that night I achieved a personal record of 211 psychic readings. The performance contract was for four hours of work, so it must have been that number of readings within a 4 hour time frame.

When you do so many readings in such a short space of time you get very hot. A great heat built up in my hands.

The staff at the Melbourne Aquarium were great. It was a friendly, fun, evening.

A queue gathered. I wish I had numbers to hand out as everyone who wanted a tarot reading rushed to get to the front of the queue. The demand was intense. The event was a resounding astounding success.

I delivered psychic reading answers and it was a hit with the audience.

corporate melbourne psychic

Now I want to get back to the title of this post. Many years ago I used to work in a factory.

I hated the job, and yet I did it anyway. Cash is something you have to keep flowing, it seems, no matter what.

The question you might ask of me is, how did I go from factory worker to blogger and doing tarot parties for a living?

The answer is as follows: You begin with what you know and you build upon it.

One popular overlooked fact is you have blessings all around you. Count your blessings, take inventory of where you are and grow your service.

I recently attended a seminar over a two days stretch. The guy charged $2,000 for a ticket. There were 120 people present on the day. You can do the math. He did all right for a weekend’s work.

Now this gentleman who ran the seminar was someone who came from no where. He had humble beginnings. I know the American lady who used to run a health food store in the United States, and the above mentioned gentleman used to pack the shelves of the health food store part time.

He went from low to supercharged go! I love stories of personal triumph like this one.

I made it a goal to meet this gentleman, and I eventually did meet him, for my own personal verification that he was real.

Here is a good one:

Make two lists. Make one list of what you love to do, another list of what you hate to do. Be clear and specific.

What you love to do comes from the heart. What you hate to do is a part of you, and it is possible to delegate these activities out to others.

Successful people do more of what they love, and less of what they hate.

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