Psychic Meetings

The psychic picks up his iphone and begins to communicate. He is 30 kilometers away from the meeting.

Meanwhile Tony is about to be crucified in a business meeting by his opponents. It is looking grim.

The time is 10 a.m. on a weekday. The location, a major building, level 33, right in the heart of the city.

psychic meetings

The Meeting Unfolds
Psychic: Tony, has the meeting started yet?
Tony: Not yet, but I just saw Mr A.H. with his sidekick Bill.

Psychic: Sounds like trouble. Let me get a psychic lock on him. Tony, I have bad news for you. Bill is a talented psychic hired by Mr A.H. They are going to gang up on you during the meeting. They intend to mind slice you, it is a form of psychic attack. I have to fix this now and stop them.
Tony: The rest of the team is yet to arrive.

Psychic: Its fine. I can place a containment field around them. This will neutralize their malicious plan against you.
10 minutes pass.
Psychic: Job done. Mr A.H. and Bill neutralized. They both have psychic containment fields around them.
Tony: Thanks. I feel better.

Psychic: Notice the energy change in the room?
Tony: Yes. Bill looks dazed. Like he is in a trance. He is staring out the window, with a blank expression on his face.

Psychic: Good. Who else turned up for the meeting?
Tony: The company representatives are here. Three of them. They are going to play hardball.

Psychic: I got it. Lets see what we can do. The company representatives each have a spirit entity next to their body. These spirits acts as advisers. I have to remove them for you to make any headway. Two of their spirit helpers look like black shadows. One looks like a reptile. I am going to have to do some entity removal.
Tony: What good will that do?

Psychic: The entities are powering up the company representatives. By removing them the representatives will go from aggressive to a passive state. Then you are going to have a much easier time at your meeting.
Tony: Ok. Thanks.
15 minutes pass.

Psychic: All entities removed. In addition performed mind probes. Have they softened?
Tony: Yes, a bit. I am nervous. The opposition is strong.

psychic continement field

Psychic: Take it easy, you are doing great. How is the outcome looking?
Tony: Terrible. The company representatives want the whole pie. They want to leave me with nothing.

Psychic: Ok. We are going to turn this situation around. Tony, this meeting is going to make or break your deal. You only have today to make a difference, then your window of opportunity will be closed forever. You must do your best with what little time you have today.
Tony: I know, I really appreciate your efforts.

Psychic: Listen, the mind probe showed your opposition are a bunch of cruel businessmen. They have no hearts. They are out to take everything from you, and more. They want to kill you financially, and they are praying for your physical death.
Tony: I know, I can feel it.

Psychic: I can see your meeting room pulsing with light now. This will create disorientation in the minds of your opponents and confuse them.
60 minutes pass.
Tony: I have some news. The representatives have softened. They have come to an agreement. I still have Mr A.H. to worry about.

Psychic: Great news! Looks like the meeting is beginning to turn around. This is a good sign.
Tony: We all have to go for lunch now. It is going to be a long lunch.
Psychic: Fine. Keep me updated on any insights you get. I have my trusty iphone right next to me.
2 hours pass.

Tony: The company representatives have now settled, but Mr A.H. refuses to. I can hear him in the next room shouting. He doesn’t want to back down. He has to agree if this meeting is going to be settled the right way.
Psychic: Thanks for the information Tony. I got it. I am going to see if I can significantly neutralize his aggressive attitude towards you. I will put up more psychic containment fields around him.
30 minutes pass.

Tony: Still no improvement.
Psychic: Don’t worry. He is going to break his hard attitude towards you. Take a deep breath. It wont be long now.

Tony: I can still hear Mr A.H. shouting through the wall. He refuses to agree with me. He is stubborn and doesn’t want to give an inch.
Psychic: Ok. I can see where he gets his power from. I have to psychically project energy at him to create a pacified mind state. Let’s see how this goes. I must do the work for you now. It is already evening and you are running out of time.

Tony: Do something. I am feeling so close now. We have nearly agreed on everything.
Psychic: We will talk soon.
45 minutes pass.

Tony: I can’t believe it. Mr A.H. has agreed to sign. It looks like the deal is going to close!
Psychic: Tony, take it easy. Is everything signed yet? Your eggs are yet to hatch, it is too early to claim victory.

Tony: We have all agreed to settle and sign. We are in the process of signing now. We have won!
Psychic: Good! Call me back after all of the paperwork has been signed. I want to be sure you got what you wanted, and not smoke and mirrors.
One hour and 25 minutes pass.

Tony: Hello, how are you?
Psychic: Fine. You sound relaxed. What happened?

Tony: Well, all the paperwork has been signed, and I got what I wanted.
Psychic: Are you happy? Is this what you call a victory?

Tony: Yes, and yes! I am very happy, thanks to you.
Psychic: Well, this is a good milestone for you. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it.

Tony: Yes, and thank you. Without your psychic talents I don’t know where I would be.
Psychic: You are welcome. It has been a long day. I am signing off now. Talk soon.

Tony: Yes, talk soon. Thanks again for all of your help.
Psychic: Welcome, bye.

And that ladies and gentleman is how an unknown psychic, his iphone, and a quiet friend successfully navigated their way around a mean bunch of businessmen who held knives behind their backs, were total bloodsuckers, and wanted to squash my friend into oblivion.

success key


Mind Probe: A viewing of the mind and heart of an individual. Reveals intent and motivations for action.

Psychic Containment Field: A quantum field of energy that acts like an electronic cage. It neutralizes aggressive and destructive thought pattens and actions.

Psychic: One who can transform energy over distance.

Entity Removal: It is common for individuals to gain power from summoning up entities. The removal of entities reduces their power.

Black Shadows, Reptiles: Forms of entities that have the ability to empower human beings, for a soul price.

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