Tarot Fix Retail Slump

Retail is going down the tube these days. It is such a shame.

I have some good friends who work in retail. It is a tragedy to see job loss, and careers being destroyed. Many of us know the feeling of being employed one minute, and unemployed the next.

The macro environment influences our mind and feelings. If the general thought is looking bleak it is so easy to take on the doomsday attitude of others.

tarot card readings

The outside environment is good at setting up thought patterns and actions for you and I to follow. This often makes you feel hopeless and helpless at a lack of control. It seems as though outside circumstance controls us, instead of the outside circumstance being controlled by our will.

A downward spiral gathers momentum and it is hard to stop. Yet stop it you must if positive change is going to be created in your life.

Ideally a good job has security, long term career prospects, a good working atmosphere, uplifting energy, and friendship. The challenge is to find a job that has more good qualities than negative ones.

It is challenging to find a work environment like the one above mentioned, though possible with a little creative thinking and reorganization of human resources.

It begins to fall into place when you think about what you owe yourself and how valuable you really are to your company. Your energy is made up of time, mind, and spirit. If you work eight hours a day at a job, then that is eight hours of your life you are trading for your job.

You are NEVER going to get those eight hours back because life has a finite time cycle.

So it makes sense to chose a job carefully and consider the personal energy you invest in it.

A lady hairdresser owned her own salon. She found running it a challenge with a declining customer base. She decided on the unusual action of finding a good tarot reader at the back end of her salon.

This is an example of the mind using creative energy to solve practical problems.

Many women love tarot readings and she soon found herself in the delightful position of satisfying a large and expanding customer base with extra clients seeking haircuts and tarot readings during the same visit.

The hair salon owner is a genius!

I receive a buzz when practical problems solved with out of the box thinking. There were several important points worth noting about the salon. Here they are:

1) The salon owner employed a good looking male tarot reader. Knowing her clients were primarily female, she cleverly got a male who exuded patience and charm to fill the role of tarot reader at the salon.

2) The table was clean with a nice cloth and a fresh new pack of tarot cards.

3) The tarot reader was extremely polite and attentive showering lots of energy and appreciation towards her clients.

4) Hairdressing clients were treated to herbal teas. Chamomile and peppermint herbal teas were especially popular.

Many know that tarot readings have a huge following at weddings, corporate functions, and readers are consulted in private by people from all walks of life. A mind that is put to use goes a long way. Add a strong mind, good moral fiber, and a genuine caring attitude towards clients and you get a winning solution.

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