Lunch With A Friend

I went to lunch with a friend. We visited a nice restaurant in Burke Road, Malvern, a suburb of Melbourne.

We enjoyed a nice meal together, and some great conversation.

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I also like cooking for friends, though my time is a bit limited these days and I have joined the “time management” class where I like to talk about my readings over a nice meal. Visiting nice restaurants is fun.

I call it time achievement where you get to eat and talk value about topics of importance.

In these days of haste and waste it is important to do pleasant acts for others. Sure, everyone is polite to family members. It is when you step outside of your comfort zone and mix with people who you don’t really know that you challenge yourself.

It is important for you to be pure and natural in dealings with people.

I consider lunch with a good friend to be like a moving meditation. You are aware of the food, the respect for your guest, and the voice tones of conversation as you share.

Everyone has their own dreams and goals and if we respect others and allow them to be what they want to be this is a form of love, of appreciation.

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Love for others is showing respect for their energy and what they want to do.

In many of our talks we often turn it into a dumping fest where we tell others our problems so we can feel better. You might feel better because you unload on someone else, but how does this make your guest feel?

Treat everyone you meet like an important guest. Treat them like a King or Queen. This means leaving your emotional baggage out the door, and walking into a room with a clean state of mind. Be neutral. Try it. It is a great mind exercise to be in control of your emotions.

The lower states of worry don’t help you grow, they only take you downwards. Be calm. You can find someone peaceful to hang around so their ways rub off onto you.

So the world is full of sin, and you feel uncomfortable with it. Well, you can always improve yourself by being authentic and true to your values.

Even if the world is getting worse, you still have it within your power to get better.

I know there is lots of pain all around you, yet it is possible to remain calm and strong. If you are unsure of how to be serene when all around you is a mess, you can always study calm producing activities and find out.

Meditation comes to mind. Prayer is good. There is new age music you can get that is soothing. There are lots of ways to go within towards the place of stillness and peace.

If you find some people a challenge to deal with you might have to back away for a while until you become a little stronger.

I know of a powerful male witch, the guy is a black magician. He used to call himself the most powerful psychic and magic master in the world. Two years ago he got into trouble in a strong psychic battle with another magician. He lost. Today the guy is getting a around in a wheelchair because he can’t move.

We may not understand everything about the world, but it costs you nothing to be polite to others.

Back to lunch with my friend. I respect her a lot and what she has achieved. When people express the divine within they can do great things in family and career. I had a ball. I like lunch with friends, it makes me feel good.


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