Stuart Wilde Tribute

Recently I heard of the sad passing of Stuart Wilde, metaphysical teacher and author. He died age 66.

Personally he meant a lot to my inner growth and psychic expansion.

Stuart influenced many people around the globe, among those so inspired was myself, and I looked upon the Stuart Wilde blog as ground breaking and cutting edge in the world of alternative mysticism.

Like Stewart

I didn’t know Stuart personally, yet he was the kind of person if you read one of his articles it had the potential to change your life. This is a rare gift God bestows on the few he so wisely selects to shake up rigid paradigms.

The teachings of this man changed my life for the better. He was a genius at self empowerment.

He has left a legacy with his books, audio recordings, and online blog posts. I know he is sadly missed. He was original. There was no one else like him.

Although I did not know him in person, I had two encounters with him one online and the other in what you can call “The Aluna”.

I will begin with the more metaphysical of the two, being my experience in the Aluna.

There is a state of being where information transfer happens at a rapid rate, it is very fast and all knowing. Some have experienced out of the body phenomena, and others have had paranormal experiences they find hard to explain.

In this certain mystical experience it was like a strong dream, yet not a dream. Let us call it a vision.

Stuart appeared before me soon after having gone to sleep, and delivered some hard to get information on life changing projects, personal ones, I was working upon at the time. I found his advice invaluable, and I was very humbled that he would spend his time addressing my person on an individual basis knowing how busy he was. I considered it a blessing.

My next experience with Stuart happened online when he ran his Ning site. I was delighted how he allowed interaction between himself and the public, and many seekers of truth followed him to this online hub of spirituality and mysticism.

I was getting my site up and blogging a lot around that time, and was no stranger to writing posts online. It wasn’t long before I contributed a few snippets of personal mystical musings, observations, and my experiences with energy and metaphysics.

One day I logged online into Ning and found that Stuart personally replied to one of my comments, and encapsulated within his reply a snippet of wisdom that had a life changing influence upon me in the upward shift direction. I was eternally grateful.

Soon after that the site closed down, I was disappointed in that, yet I had my life changing gem of wisdom from Stuart and that was precisely what I needed at the time. This diamond of a fruit soon grew to large proportions, and produced many gems of its own kind.

Like so many others around the globe I experienced first hand the spirit nature and generosity from Stuart Wilde.

I have one more thing to say to Stuart, who is now busy resting in the ethereal realms and that is Thank You Stuart, and peace and blessings from Jim Cassa.

If you wish to visit his site, check out Stuart Wilde.

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