You can exercise the mind like any muscle. Bodybuilding is the science of growing muscle mass on the human frame.

Bodybuilders go to the gym and workout. This exposes their muscles to greater and greater loads of intensity and strength. Overloading a muscle breaks down its protein fibers and rest and recuperation, plus optimum nutrition, grow the muscle back bigger and stronger. The gym cliche of no pain no gain sums up this process.

The mind is a wonderful muscle of infinite potential. Just like the biceps and triceps of anatomy the mind can grow and expand bigger and better than it was before.

Here are my favorite mind expansion activities.

In this age of internet information, of tweets and blogs, books still hold their own. The huge success of the company Amazon is proof that books are read on just about any topic you can imagine. I like what Amazon has achieved by the distribution of books.

Get the reading habit and even better, read one book a week habit. Books are great mind food. They sharpen the intellect, expand the imagination, and help you see possibilities.

Reading is one of the best ways to develop the intellect. You can tell I am a big fan of reading, and have the gift of its benefits over many years.

It comes natural to talk, yet to have a conversation that is rewarding and where you walk away with value is rare. The strange thing about conversation is the more you are willing to contribute to the other person the better the conversation seems to go.

Good conversation is related to specialized knowledge. A successful career requires specialized knowledge. A hobby needs specialized knowledge for it to work.

Increase what you have to contribute to a conversation and watch the social benefits come your way. Here I am talking about discussion of value, not useless chit chat.

Words have the power to influence yourself and others.

Listen to the wisdom and experience of others. It is a tried and tested self growth method.

I listen to personal development recordings in the morning and during the day. My mind is constantly exposed to great thoughts and brilliant thinkers by this process.

If you combine book reading with listening to personal development CDs you have a very real powerhouse combination.

There are many ways to empower the mind. These are three of my favorites.

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